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First of all Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security are going bankrupt due to these same Leftards that pompously thump their chest in pride over these same programs. They have literally robbed them of the cash meted out to fund them. In the private sector these politicians would be in orange jump suits and serving time. Also, the senate DID NOT pass a real budget for the funding and running of the federal government, just a temporary stop gap measure.

As for millionaires and billionaires, it would be interesting to see Sanders’ financial portfolio and see just how much he’s worth. Under ordinary circumstances I would say what private individuals earn is none of my business, but this is a jerk who who uses class warfare tactics to pit one portion of America against the other. It’s immaterial how much a billionaire influences, they’re all over the political spectrum, people of wealth donate to whomever they choose as is their right.

NOTE: Sanders is just a bitter old Leftist who doesn’t mind burping out all kinds of nonsense when it suits his statist goals, that being, punishing successful people.

Via: Breitbart

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