Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Double Standards


It’s called art of the doublestandard

Commenter POTB reminds the TT about earlier ISM ‘peace activists’ (Swedes) being pals with the terrorists.

Ok, I get it, there’s a Jewish officer who in a moment of intense confrontation, smacks an ISM protester in the face with his rifle, once. Check out the following video sent by Brian of London, of Danish police going at it with protesters, and I can’t recall any outrage by the world’s media over that one, can you?

UPDATE: He’s a war hero: “Eisner went in, under heavy fire, to retrieve the body of a slain IDF officer that the IDF abandoned for 3 days, because it was too dangerous to go in.”

Take a deep breath, there are worse things happening around the world.

More here.

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  1. Uh… NO!

    I speak Hebrew and at least four times, perhaps five, the Israeli soldier could plainly be heard COMMANDING the slugs in Hebrew, “LALECHET!”

    The best translation would be “GO!” or “LEAVE” or “GO AWAY,” etc…

    How many times before a policeman or soldier must ACT? Israel is fighting these bastards for its LIFE!

    I’m tired of these pathetic scum acting like savages and then protesting when they are TREATED like savages.

    They were told, they were warned, they got EXACTLY what they deserved, and in fact if I were that soldier, they’d have received a lot more.

  2. ISM is by no means peaceful. On my old computer I had pictures of them together with Arab terrorists holding guns. Not sure why the daily mails falls for this.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about this!!!!!!!
      updating it now

  3. The Danish provokes an officer to push him and meanwhile not a word about real outrage as in Syria for example. Not only do we hear of only one side, this false opportunity is another example of leftist spin, and anyone who would judge this incident on this one part of the incident is plainly using appearances and not truth to support a lie.

  4. Be interesting to see what happens to the officer. His bosses all know what happened because it is on video.

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