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I take exception to Ben Shapiro’s assertion over at, that Mitt Romney was “everyone’s second choice, beloved by few, respected by all”, thereby being “the only logical choice” of nominee for the Republican party in the upcoming presidential election. This is not a bitter grapes post over the conservative favorite, Rick Santorum’s bowing out of the primary race, but a clear headed view of what was, is, and what is needed to be done.

Mark Levin accurately described the current situation (in last night’s radio broadcast) in which the Republican Old Guard triumphed over the conservatives, outspending them 10-11 to 1, with 91% of Romney’s 30 million war chest going to fund negative attack adds that trashed both Newt Gingrich and then Rick Santorum when he became Romney’s main rival.

Only 41% of Republicans who cast their votes, did so in favor of Romney, he’s the ”GOP’s guy”, and conservatives knew, and rejected him in favor of the other two who can honestly boast better conservative credentials than Mitt Romney ever could. Well, it is what it is now, and there’s no going backwards, Romney is the man to beat Obama, but it means going in with eyes wide open, and not reinventing Romney’s political history and our own conservatism.

We have to be honest here about Mitt, that he and his operatives ruthlessly trashed conservatives, with the GOP and many of their clique on FOX news applauding and sandbagging  Tea Party favorites, like M.Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum, while not telling you about the uncomfortable truths surrounding his ”victories”, they were/are coming with a price tag.

This means, that they alienated vast numbers of conservatives, and as Mark Levin pointed out, that means that the GOP has to make a concerted effort in offering a major olive branch to this important base within the party if they hope to win in November. This means not taking their support for granted as did McCain in 2008.

This means honesty, brutally honesty by the GOP (and avid Romney supporters), as well as the rest of us who need to hand it the tools necessary in beating the Marxist-In-Chief and his cadres, as well as to hold the GOP RINO’s feet to the fire by ensuring that both houses of congress are full of true conservative representatives. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance, and it’s foolhardy to dismiss a candidate for some vote that you don’t agree with, in light of the entire package, meaning that the whole platform has to be taken into consideration this time around, if Obama and his radical marxists are to be defeated.

This means all hands on deck, with the fate of the nation clearly understood, and with the objective to roll back each and every program, law and bureaucracy instituted by Obama, also his czars, his payments to the IRS to help implement compliance to Obamacare, and the restructuring of every big entitlement program that’s bankrupting the nation. The need for an overwhelming Republican majority win couldn’t be greater, and if you care for the US constitution and correcting the course of the Republic, as it was intended from its founding, then support of Mitt Romney is crucial, as well as helping every conservative you can get into office or in maintaining their seat.

To do otherwise is to piss this great nation away.

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