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Sweden, for all the hype given it, is not a free and open society, any state that enforces conformity of its citizens to radical egalitarian and equally radical multicultural policies, cannot be considered open and free, that is fact. The Swedish statist elite has long since taken over the raising of children ever since it reduced the adult population to that of children, when it created the Swedish socialist welfare state.

Most of Swedish society doesn’t question the state’s roles in their lives, they’ve become accustomed to handing over to the state many of their own personal responsibilities, being reduced to that of mindless drones. Anyone who bucks the Swedish system can expect to be treated like an unsuspecting victim in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The Swedish (third-way) utopia is a ruse, regardless of any outward examples of wealth, it’s in limited supply and cannot last for long, especially since they insist on importing vast numbers of lower educated, non-Western orientated, Muslim immigrants. So dance away Sweden, while you bitterly feud with your neighbors over the bragging rights of who invented the system in the first place.

 “Happy day are here again, the skies above are clear again….so let’s sing a song of cheer again, happy days are here again”

Swedish Home-Schoolers Flee ‘Parental Inquisition’

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Sweden used to be synonymous with freedom and safety. The nation was a haven for political refugees from around the world.

But today, Sweden is creating new political refugees: the home-schooler.

One of the escape routes for home-schoolers from Sweden is by ship, two hours across the Baltic sea to the Åland Islands. It’s a part of Finland where the locals speak Swedish and where parents can home school in freedom.

Sweden’s home-school movement has been crushed by a state apparatus that wants children as young as one year old in daycare, and all children in a classroom with a state-approved curriculum.

“The Swedish government believes that [the] state takes better care of children than parents,” said Jonas Himmelstrand, president of ROHUS, the Swedish Homeschool Association.

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