This is an excellent point.

Muslims and their apologists love to point fingers to the ‘Crusades’  as being the definitive identifying feature of medieval Christianity in Europe. What they fail to recognize (disingenuously) is the influence of the Muslims’ Islamic ”holy war” concept (and the African slave trade as well) on Christian Europe.

After centuries of enduring jihad, Europe’s Christian kings decided to get their act together and turn the tables on the mohammedan, and take back land that was once in Christians hands, as well as to protect Christian pilgrims from Muslim marauders while visiting the Holy Land.

That aside, the sick mind of Anders Breivik, who had decided to embark on his journey of murder and mayhem, long before the Counterjihad ever really got going,  became inspired by jihadi tactics and strategy. Fjordman makes mention of this fact, while highlighting the inconsistencies, contradictions and incoherence in Breivik’s ramblings.

More here.

H/T: Ariel

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