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That’s right, open borders man, lets turn the US into a 3rd world basket case.

The overwhelming majority interviewed in the video have no problem disfranchising U.S. voters during elections, by allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote. It’s all about political expedience, allowing illegals to vote is deemed to benefit the party of the statist Democrat party. If the opposite were true, I guarantee that the majority of those asked would hold a different view.

This is nothing more than the rejection of the rule of law, sovereignty, and rational common sense. The Mexican laws on immigration for their own country are more strict than what the U.S. and Arizona have on their own books, but it’s the more lenient US laws that are on trial, not Mexico’s. The assploding hypocrisy is disgusting.

Via Breitbart

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  1. It used to be empires, the defeat of evil in two World Wars, courage, civilization, dignity, knowing the difference between right and wrong, decency triumphing over decadence, order triumphing over chaos, innovation, advancement, and then……. something happened!
    Did they give everyone frontal lobotomies while they were asleep? Why is this madness occurring?
    Now it’s cowardice, treason, irrationality triumphing over reason, enemies appeased, friends hated, lunatics running the asylum, moral confusion, the Devil favoured over God, censorship, propaganda, perversion posing as normality, lies favoured over truth, and laziness favoured over industriousness.
    Either stop the World spinning so that I can get off, or send me back in time forty years so that I can restore my sanity!

  2. Illegals, especially from Mexico, should have the “right” to do NOTHING!

    That’s because illegals HAVE NO “RIGHTS” because ILLEGALS are ILLEGAL!

    Hmm… when Americans are convicted of felony crimes, even they LOSE the right to vote… so we should allow ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS the right to vote and deny it to OUR people?

    This is why I have always believed and still maintain that LIBERALS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS CREATURES ON EARTH!

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