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Former SS Nazi (let me guess, he’s now, just a socialist) Gunter Grass pens an anti-Jew poem in the form of anti-Israelism, and he’s lauded for it by many of Germany’s social elite. So tell me, what’s anything new here?

Iran congratulates Gunter Grass over anti-Israel poem

(AGI) Tehran – The Iranian regime has officially congratulated Gunter Grass. The 84 year-old, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1999, wrote a poem – published three days ago on the Bavarian daily ‘Sueddeutsche Zeitung’ – called ‘What should be said’, urging Germany not to sell Israel submarines that may be used for a “pre-emptive attack” on the ayatollahs’ regime.

  In a letter sent to the “illustrious author Gunter Grass”, Iran’s deputy Culture minister, Javadi Shamaqdari, wrote: “I have read your literary work, highly responsible both from a human and historical point of view, and I found it extremely timely. Telling the truth in such a way may truly awaken the west’s silent and dormant conscience”.

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German Noble laureate Günter Grass loves Iran’s clerical regime

While Germany’s media are reporting non-stop on the country’s most famous contemporary writer—the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Literature Günter Grass—because of his “poetic” attacks on Israel’s right to defend itself, the plight of Iran’s severely repressed democracy activists has been largely ignored by both Grass’s defenders and critics.

According to Mr. Grass’s poem, Israel is the source of all bellicosity. He airbrushes the threats of Iran’s leaders to wipe Israel off the map, including with a nuclear strike, out of history. He further omits the blood-soaked repression of Iran’s regime against its own population. There is no mention of Iran’s judiciary hanging gays or stoning men and women. The tsunami-wave execution of Iranian adolescents is non-existent in Grass’s world view and writings.

Published on Wednesday in the Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung,  Mr. Grass’s poem titled “What Must Be Said” accuses Israel of seeking to “annihilate” the Iranian people. It is hardly surprising that Grass’s anti-Israel lyric has been termed an expression of a kind of intellectual anti-Semitism.

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