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If you haven’t made the site a frequent habit, you would be well advised to do so, it’s great. It’s really interesting to see Van Jones tell bald faced lies about people exposing his lies and the truth about him. He’s an avowed Marxist, which means he hates free market capitalism and wants to socialize America, or in the words of his dear leader, ”fundamentally transform America”.

The guy is a poster child for all that ails Black America. He (and Obama) wants no part of the system that made the country great, he wants to tear it down and replace it with something entirely alien. Keeping Blacks on the Democrat plantation is just part of the agenda, they must also try to win people over through class warfare, race friction and everything else that they can come up with.

This is what I’ve been warning about for a long while now, the hardened Marxist radicals are presently circling the major population centers of America and waiting for a big showdown this election cycle. Marxist radicals like Van Jones, Bill Ayers and a host of others have been busy, real busy, and just remember that you’ve been properly warned, and hopefully understand what you’re witnessing in the streets.

NOTE: This is not a game, the situation is absolutely real. You’ve got a choice this election period, vote Democrat, and get a whole bunch of  hard core leftists into office who will further cause more havoc to society, or vote for the party that has a base that’s trying to return the country to a constitutionally run republic.

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  1. What this Marxist does not realise is that socialism has no use for those who not produce wealth.

    Blacks will simply be put to work in labour camps, except the very few such as Obama, where they will die rapidly. Anyone who thinks not, should examine the legacy of socialism in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, N Korea.

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