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This is what happens when propaganda becomes “historical fact”, people make ludicrous claims -despite the evidence to the contrary- and sign extremely bigoted and highly counterproductive boycott campaigns. Interestingly enough Emma Thomspson never signed a petition calling for a boycott of products from Gaza, in spite of the fact that Hamas routinely victimizes its own people. (Not to mention the throwing of Fattah members from the rooftops of buildings).

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  1. “Policies of exclusion…”.
    Such as keeping out the suicide bombers of the ikhwan?

  2. Sorry, can’t remember who she is. Don’t have any interest in getting to know her after I’ve read this.

  3. She played the main role in one of the best films I’ve ever seen, “The remains of the day” (with Anthony Hopkins). I love this film and love her in this film. So now I don’t know if I’m more angry that she hates Israel and the Jews (call it “Anti-Zionism”) or that she could ruine my pleasure in seeing this absolutely wonderful film. Damn that she had to do that …

  4. Let’s just get some perspective on this folks.

    She’s just a person like any one else who has an opinion on this issue.

    And in the final analysis she is just a person who makes a living out of pretending to be someone else.

    So why on earth would her opinion be worth more than that of anybody else.

    We live in a strange word, methinks.

  5. Yes we live in a strange world where a celebrity’s opinion seems to carry significance much greater than its true value.

  6. Personally I have my reservations(to put it mildly) about celebs putting their two cents worth on any matters outside acting or singing-no matter how proficient they may be in their own field, they are often quite literally babes in arms when it comes to international relations( pace the late Paul Robeson’s “pimping for Stalin” as Bernard Levin, Jane Fonda’s flacking for the Viet Cong and more recently Sean Penn’s denunciation of British”colonialism” on the Falklands along with Morrissey “We Hate William and Kate”). They may be entitled to their own opinions but they are not of great weight!

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