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Deterrence 101 in action

1:35 The Palestinian in Charge tells the ISMs to start

1:40 This entire segment involving the ISM violence is now heavily cut and edited.

1:43 You see part of a physical attack by an ISM on the soldiers with a bicycle, as the ISMs try to break the line.

You’ll note the entire segment is edited, so you see parts of what the ISMers are doing. You then see Eisner in the background hitting the ISMers clearly trying to break the line.

At 4:08 you see something incredibly important.

An IDF soldier (not Eisner) merely walks towards the ISMers and they scramble to get away from him.

At 4:19 You can see the sheer fear on one ISMer’s face.

The lesson is, that Eisner’s method does work against the ISM, and if the IDF command had stood behind their soldiers they would have learned that the ISM first used violence and force to try to break the line, and that using minimal physical force back has a very strong deterrent effect against the ISM.


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  1. There’s more to it than that.

    I speak Hebrew, and listened to the AUDIO during the video. The Israeli soldier can clearly be heard at least five or six times commanding, “LALECHET!”

    translation as well as can be made into English would be something like: “GO!” or “LEAVE! or “MOVE!” You get the idea.

    So instead of obeying, the trouble-maker got what it deserved (inanimate pronoun intentionally used).

    This was NOT a sudden, overt, or undeserved act of aggression; it was a REACTION to savages bent on causing mayhem.

  2. He should appeal the decision of the IDF command, he acted with restrain only hit the protester once, if he would not have acted things would probably gotten out of hand anyway.
    They should promote him.

  3. Lots of women involved in the demo. They can be grateful that the IDF is civilised. If the Palis ever get control, and if these women showed up in an un-authorised demo, they would be gang-raped, then ordered to prepare meals and wash the dishes.

  4. DP111: the women are there for the sexual stimulation they get, doing something “naughty” and mixing with violent mozlems. They get a kick from it. It was clear it was a social occasion for them, with their trendy outfits and fake dramas. They are all middle-class libs looking for excitement, including the ugly aggressive fakestinian in the shades.
    A group of us were attacked by the same scum in London, tho’ calling themselves antifa, wearing black and using their bikes as weapons.

  5. “The lesson is, that Eisner’s method does work against the ISM…”

    I disagree. It’s not about working “against the ISM,” who are not a noticeably significant violent threat.

    It’s strictly about working against the media theatre. And such tactics work FOR the ISM’s media theatre terribly well. And that is where the battle is won or lost. The Israelis should start by saying “kudos” to a worthy enemy for deftly winning in this way. Then humbly and calmly set about fighting THIS sort of battle, which is not about soldiers, to recast the narrative of Israel and Fakestine accurately.

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