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I was in the local store yesterday and spotted for the very first time halal meat, and perhaps I didn’t even need to see the halal seal of approval since I saw straight away the meat came from New Zealand, where virtually all halal sliced and diced mutton comes from.

Outside of the fact that the meat can very well contain sanitary risks from amounts of fecal matter, as the animal ingests it’s own blood contaminated from it’s flaying around, thereby spreading bacteria into the meat of the dying animal, also a portion of the proceeds from halal purchases goes to funding the jihad.

Both are troubling aspects to buying halal products, as well as the contributing to the Islamization of your society. A better way to defeat the halal market without bringing up all of the points raised here, is to simply tell your grocer that you refuse to buy the New Zealand mutton, because it’s dried out and sinewy, that you would prefer to buy local and support the sheep industry in your area.

Here’s an excellent read from the Gates of Vienna on halal.

The Theory and Practice of Halal


One of the reasons that shariah finance and the halal food industry are flourishing in the West is that there is a lot of money to be made in these fields, by Muslim and infidel alike.

Western banks aren’t pushing shariah-compliant mortgages because they’ve suddenly seen the light by reading the timeless verses of the Koran. No, they’ve seen the bottom line: shariah financing is very, very profitable — often more profitable than standard interest-based loans, since shariah loans are subject to a different regulatory regimen.

The same applies to certified halal food products. Restaurants and groceries that carry them can expect more trade from culturally enriched customers. Exact figures are hard to determine, but billions and billions of dollars in profits are made at all levels every year by the halal industry.

In both of these fields, a shariah-mandated portion of the proceeds must be handed over to the Islamic authorities as zakat, or alms — one eighth of which must be applied to financing jihad.

Halal logoThe following course prospectus for Formación Halal (“Halal Training”) comes from the Halal Institute in Córdoba, Spain. This is not a little hole-in-the-wall storefront cooking school, mind you, but a respectable academic institution associated with the University of Córdoba.

And don’t forget the symbolic significance of Córdoba for the Reconquista. Spain is now in the midst of a “de-Reconquista”, and the presence of the Halal Institute in Córdoba is concrete evidence of that ongoing process.

Our Spanish correspondent Hermes has this to say about Halal Training and the Halal Institute:

This is the first course of its kind. There is a bit more at the Halal Institute: halal cosmetics, halal holidays, halal economics, halal ecology, halal TV… and halal placenta for the Muslim woman’s skin.

There are sections in English here and there, for example at the bottom of the “secciones” list, at “turismo halal”.

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  1. Even here in Hong Kong we now have halal peanuts (!!! – peanuts slaughtered in a certain way?) and the other day I couldn’t buy butter because it was all halal. Where is the world movement for HARAM?
    I would buy anything stamped with haram even if I didn’t need it!

  2. Dont go to any supermarket that sells halal. Period. Boycott all their products, halal or not.

    In the UK, Morrisons is your best bet.

    1. Morrisons is arguably worse than the rest as they have lied continually.
      When I challenged them about the fact that their EU Meat Code traced back to a halal cutting plant… they said this was a temporary measure, because their plant machinery was needing repair… six months later I challenged them again.
      They reacted by taking off the EU Meat Codes from their packaged meat.
      I told them that this is breaking EU Regulations and reported them to Trading Standards – so they had to do a U Turn.
      The fact is that Morrisons have actually been directly giving money to Zakat!
      Read this article on the Boycott Halal website attached:
      UPDATE – BOYCOTT MORRISONS for Directly funding Zakat
      Just add this to the Boycott Halal dot com website address…
      None of the supermarkets can be trusted… All are tricking shoppers into buying Unlabelled halal meat and other Unlabelled halal products… in the same way that food outlets are tricking consumers into eating halal food and thereby we are all supporting the halal industry unwittingly.
      Even vegetarians & vegans are finding their products to be halal certified.
      Buy your meat & veg from Farmers you can trust, preferably locally – if not buy on-line after giving them a call and checking them out.
      When you avoid halal products you will find that you have a much healthier diet.
      Buying halal funds the expansion of Islam and directs money out of UK.
      Boycott Halal and hit the halal industry where it really hurts… in the wallet!
      The more shoppers & consumers that join us – the more effective the boycott will be.

  3. Even Morrisons pre packed meals, value chickens and NZ lamb are Halal + some proprietary brands of bread ,confectionery and all the proprietary brands you will find listed on Anti-Halal websites. Their instore butchery is safe as long as you avoid New Zealand Lamb.

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