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And after all the posting I did on actor Tom Hanks!

Just think of what would have happened if it were the Sweden Democrats in such a picture! However the real issue for me surrounds the fact that the Swedish government offers subsidies (tax payer money) to newspapers, and she’s for withholding such money from a nationalist paper for its racism. Here she is cutting a cake of a stereotypical African woman, which can be accurately described as despicable, and with the Minister of Culture no less.

NOTE: Why is public money going to subsidize the media?

Stockholm cultural elite celeberates together with the minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth

Minister in ‘racist circumcision outrage’

Published: 17 Apr 12 12:36 CET |

Swedish minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth’s participation in a “racist spectacle” in which she carved up a cake depicting a naked black woman has sparked outrage and prompted calls for the minister’s dismissal.

“In our view, this simply adds to the mockery of racism in Sweden,” Kitimbwa Sabuni, spokesperson for the National Afro-Swedish Association (Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund) told The Local.

“This was a racist spectacle.”

Sabuni’s comments come following Adelsohn Liljeroth’s participation in an art installation that took place at Stockholm’s Moderna Museet in connection with World Art Day on April 15th.

As part of the installation, which was reportedly meant to highlight the issue of female circumcision, the culture minister began cutting a large cake shaped like a black woman, symbolically starting at the clitoris.

Makode Aj Linde, the artist who created the installation and whose head is part of the cake cut by the minister, wrote about the “genital mutilation cake” on his Facebook page.

“Before cutting me up she whispered, ‘Your life will be better after this’ in my ear,” he wrote in a caption next to the partially eaten cake.

More here also.

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  1. These people must be idiots.

    Such disgusting, racist, vile “humor” and the Swedish elite are laughing and taking photos and literally eating it up.

    Has all of Sweden lost their minds?

    1. Pretty amazing isn’t it? The cognitive dissonance on display is astounding.

  2. These would be the same people who deem it racist to have a Swedish flag on your jumper??

  3. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, the conflict was a Swedish language barrier at first but then found out through another source that this woman is symbolically being mutilated by the White elite of Swedish mafia. What is even more offensive is that the so called artists is a Black male by the name of Makode Aj Linde, is it that he feels so desperate to please that he has had to resort to Black face, and donning a stereotypical body in the female form. As far I could see there were no Black females in this racist soiree, and it is a good job too as I wouldn’t have wanted to be present – cause the knife may have slipped under the table and into his symbolic penis and testicles – believe!

    1. Some ppl on facebook argued that is was only art, I had to argue it out, It’s disgusting, I don’t care if the person who made/designed it is black, purple or rainbow. Anytime you make anything edible in the form of a HUMAN BEING, and then proceed to EAT it, this sends flags up and ppl will wonder where the sanity is. Look at the MAKE-UP on the “live” head, it is the same type of make-up they used THEN, to mimic and make fun of Africans and you ALL “artists” know it. (“The head is of a real person in blackface”),,really? Well call me what ever you want, I DON”T KNOW ANY Africans who look like this. You call it art? Well there is art in EVERYTHING, but not everything is to be considered art. Give me a break!!!!

      1. This image is terribly offensive! It should stimulate a cascade of indignition in black women everywhere in the world. And those people responsible (whether black artists or not) should be punished for this dispicable display, that should not be described art. Those white people laughing are nothing but racists. I hope and pray that EACH calorie consumed from that cake, will turn into 100’s of lbs, that will pile up in the body of each of these caucasian fools, to make them obese, to the point that they won’t be able to move. Then they would know, what it feels like to be made fun of.
        I want this image to be sent the our civil rights leaders here in this country. And if this so called swedish minister of culture is still working here, she should be fired. Bitch!

  4. I believe no baker in the US would make such a cake. If they got an order for one, they would report it. No one in any setting anywhere in the US would even tolerate this–not even in the places people think are backwards.It is unthinkable. This is bizarre on so many levels. And that they are laughing like it is normal–at the same time anyone who speaks up about the real atrocities is treated like a criminal. Truly Orwellian.

    1. I own a bakery. We would make that cake. We would make a cake of an aborted fetus if one was ordered. There is no place to “report” offensive cake designs. The people involved are laughing because they were in a celebratory setting. They weren’t laughing because they were cutting up a black woman cake. The cake design is of the female form depicted by many African tribal artwork.

      If everyone is really upset by this we better have some cake laws enacted. If a child gets a birthday cake it should be illegal to laugh and smile while it is cut. We should be forced to frown and cry at the fact that the child is one year closer to death.

      1. Hey namnsu, most blacks would be offended over such a stereotypical caracture. The added impact of it screaming along with the laughter, made it absolutely repulsive. On another note, would these same Swedes have been brave enough to have an Arab in a hijab being cut to pieces like that? I think not.

  5. Islam is not a race, so the word “Racist” is technically wrong, though they use “racist” and “Islamaphobia” to silence their critics so they can mutilate their daughters or when raping White Swedish girls who they regard as less than human.

    I am sorry but sometimes truth is upsetting.

    1. I am guessing that most white Swedish girls are raped by white Swedish guys. Can you give any statistics about the relative rates of rape for white and non white swedes, and who is raping them? Actually, technically speaking, there are no races (on a genetic basis), however that is something that is constantly being ignored by those who would judge others based on their skin color and national origin.

      Based on your reply, I am also guessing that most Muslims use the word to stop people like you from stereotyping them and minimizing the pain they must feel when they are treated as less than human.

      Men of all races and in all societies have been raping and humiliating women (usually their own, but occasionally women from other cultures and societies during wars) from the dawn of time, it is not a Muslim problem, it is a male problem, to assume it is is, well, racist.

      Does that mean that issues that occur in Muslims communities that victimize women should remain unpunished? Of course not, they should be punished just as they are when they occur in non Muslim communities.

      As for the Cake, I think the intent was positive, however it would have been more effective had it looked like a beautiful young African woman and not a parody of what a black woman looks like through western eyes.

      1. Non-ethnic Swedes (in many cases Muslim males) are raping in numbers that far exceed their demographics, that’s a fact.


        Rape in Islam has been legitimized repeatedly by Mohamed himself:


        As for the cake, Leftists believe that the same rules that they apply to others, do not apply to themselves. If it were a bunch of Sweden Democrats celebrating a campaign against FGM by eating a black female, the media coverage would have been all over it like flies on a dead carcass, and justifiably so. It was a gross display of insensitivity, regardless of the well meant intentions.

    2. BTW, I am sorry, but the truth is sometimes upsetting

      1. As for the truth sometimes being upsetting, I agree, hence the negative image of Mohamed and the of the ideology he spawned.

  6. This is beyond maudlin & bizarre. Where were their minds when deciding to do this? Beyond the original cause, this speaks to cannibalism as well.
    I’m a Danish/Spaniard and see no redeeming value in this at all.

    1. All first time comments must be approved by myself, after that, they are monitored the best I can. I wasn’t around to approve your comments, hence the delay.

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