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This of course will be followed by those Muslims who believe that sharia is for everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. So adios.

From Translating Jihad:

Video: Moroccan Jihadi Preacher Calls on All Muslims to Leave France, Compares Europe to a Toilet

As seen in the subtitled video above, Moroccan Islamic preacher Shaykh ‘Umar al-Hadushi (variant: Omar al-Haddouchi) urges all Muslims to leave France in a video released just over a week ago, citing as reasons for doing so France’s banning of hijabs and restrictions on the call to prayer. Al-Hadushi further explains that Islam is to be exalted above all, and never to be lower than anything else. Al-Hadushi additionally compared non-Muslim countries to a toilet, where you go to take care of business and then you leave.

Al-Hadushi provides several conditions which must be present for a Muslim to reside in a non-Muslim country, the most important of which is that he must be in a position to influence those around him, but he is not to be influenced by others.

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3 Responses

  1. A sensible Muslim clergyman…Who could ever have imagined such a thing existed ?

  2. It’ll be tough to leave France and all the goodies there, but I’m sure those dedicated Mohammedans are up to the task! (Hopefully.)

  3. If some actually left as a result, that would be interesting.

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