Anders Brievik's terrorist attack Norway



The Norwegian extremist Left (mainstream Leftism in Norway) are exploiting the ABB case, using it as an opportunity to defend their failed radical multiculturalism policies, and demonize their critics.

This circus is a joint state prosecutor/defense tag-team hit job against the international anti-Islamization movement, nothing more, nothing less. Breivik should be tried, but as it relates to the brutal murder of the victims he slaughtered, what his lawyers are planning however, with a wink and a nod from the state prosecutor’s office, is entirely something else.

They (both state prosecutor/ABB defense team) want to desperately cripple the entire anti-Islamization movement, not only in Norway, but elsewhere as well, by not only linking it to ABB, but in trying to prove that those who seek to defend their own liberal democracies, are “extremists” as well, and their ideological mentors responsible for supposedly influencing Breivik.

As a colleague recently stated to me in an email about the way ABB’s lawyers will be handling his defense:

By the same logic, all Socialists are responsible for the crimes of Pol Pot and Stalin and Adolf Hitler and any other mass murderer in the name of international and national socialism.”

The lawyer ‘defending the indefensible’

As his trial starts, Norwegian mass murderer wants to be found ‘sane and accountable’, says his counsel

[…] Lippestad has said he wants to call Krekar to the witness stand to show that people who are not considered insane can also be extremist. “Islamists also believe that Europe is the setting for a war of religion and that the idea is not just a delusion that Breivik has imagined,” he says.

The right-wing blogger is a figure who refers to himself as “Fjordman” and whose extremist views are believed to have been one of Breivik’s main inspirations. “We will place people from extremist backgrounds on the witness stand to explain their thought processes in order to show that there are others who share the same ideology, without going so far as to commit crimes,” Lippestad says.

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