This is an attempt by Hope-Not-Hate, now forever known as HuH?, (acronym upside down) at delegitimizing the Counter-Jihad, or anti-Islamization movement. One can safely assume that its release today online is in preparation for the upcoming Breivik circus trial soon to take place in Oslo. The HuH? organization should be understood as being on the side of those Islamizing Western societies, either knowingly being in on the process (no matter whole long the process takes) or just ignorant stooges.

Thanks to hope not hate for providing an excellent overview, of the very bravest and hard-working people tirelessly fighting against the encroachment of islamo-fascism. “

NOTE: I’m half tempted to put them on my blogroll.

Viewable here.


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  1. Spain, 0 individuals? They have forgot me XD

    How very few we are, though…

    1. They are not the sharpest blades in the kitchen drawer, seeing that they’ve aligned themselves with those who belong to a group that, if left to run its course, would enslave them. So, we shouldn’t expect them to be anything else but a bunch of dull blades.

      1. Quite right. The map is, however, full of mistakes. Russia has at least one counter-jihad organization:, and so does Poland:

  2. I wonder where they got there information from. I looked at the Dutch part and they actually name the NVU as counter-Jihad, which is not the case. NVU is a known neo-nazi organization and they side with Muslims against Jews. They are a small group and basically nobody wants them around. They have held demonstrations in the past yelling German slogas such as ‘Juden müssen raus, aus Palestina’. They are also against Hindu’s, even though there aren’t that many Hindu’s in Holland. So much for hope and *not hate*

    1. I believe that they are in an ideological pickle, the ones pushing all this crap on Western society are statists, and the overwhelming majority that I’ve seen and talked to are not. That being, people who believe that the role of government, big bloated, fat government that is, is the solution. We mostly realize that its exactly that type of mindset (that enabled the rise of the cult of radical multiculturalists, read =extremists) that has gotten the West into trouble in the first place. Those of us who are still ”welfare state” friendly, still want a liberal democracy, meaning freedom of the individual, and protection of minorities with manageable, reasonable immigration.

  3. Well, you know what they say: there’s really no such thing as bad publicity.

    Infantile / prepubescent / puerile useful idiots shouting their indignation from the rooftops never learn. They just act on knee-jerk impulse, like Pavlovian dogs. Poor victims of respondent conditioning they are (!) (otherwise known as indoctrination)

    My heart really bleeds for these idiot cry babies (!)

  4. I’ve come across Loonwatch which is an Islam apologist virulently anti-Israel website which routinely censors comments which contradict or don’t agree with their website line that nothing that Islam does or Muslims do is bad/wrong and that they are the perpetual victims. The double-standards applied are sickening. They not only shut down discussion with labeling people ‘loons, Zionists, Islamphobes’ they are petty and pathetic.

    There is also SpencerWatch and Islamophobiawatch which are a bunch of Islam apologist too.

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