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Should we really shocked about the Egyptian MB following a Leninist or Nazi model?

Influential MB operative, Sayyid Qut’b

Here’s an excerpt from the bottom of the article that warrants most of the attention:

At this writing, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be the winner by default, for no other actor has the courage and cold blood to exploit the emerging crisis. America, by contrast, is locked into the defense of a deteriorating fixed position. And Egypt’s military leaders are more concerned with feathering their nests in exile, like the Iranian generals in 1979. 

The Brotherhood believes that widespread hunger will strengthen its political position, and is probably correct to believe this. As the central government’s corrupt and rickety system of subsidies collapses, local Islamist organizations will take control of food distribution and establish a virtual dictatorship on the streets. 

American analysts mistook the protestors of Tahrir Square for revolutionaries. The Muslim Brotherhood now reveals itself to be a revolutionary organization on the Leninist or Nazi model. 

This says it all, why the Muslim brotherhood couldn’t care less about a cut in U.S. aid and the deteriorating economic crisis in their country. Just like Obama in the US, they are using fear and economic chaos to strengthen their control.

Muslim Brotherhood chooses chaos

By Spengler

[…] As Egypt headed towards chaotic breakdown, Western observers asked how its economy might be stabilized. This appears to have been the wrong question to begin with, for the Muslim Brotherhood will not allow the West to stabilize Egypt’s financial position. The right question is: who will benefit from the chaos?

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  1. It was yet another muslim brotherhood “splinter group”, Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, that engaged in a series of attacks upon tourists back in the 90s. The most vile atrocity was when they attacked the tourists at Luxor, hunting down the terrified victims thruought the ruins for hours.

    The purpose of these attacks was to damage Egypts tourism industry which is vital to the countries economy.

    So MB splinter groups damaged the economy and the MB then used the resulting economic damage to protest against the government based upon the very economy their “splinter” group damaged – and to propose that they would improve the economic life of people if given power. Just as we saw them doing during the Tahrir Square demonstrations.

    Oh and damaging the economy also made the citizens more dependent upon Muslim Brotherhood charity programs.

    This is why I vomit with rage whenever I hear “the muslim brotherhood is non violent”. It is the single most violent organizaion on the planet. They just use cats paws (like Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya and Al Quida) to do the actual violence and then profit directly from that violence like they have done in the middle east, Europe and America over the past few decades.

    1. Truthiocity, you’re exactly right. They’re also immensely stupid as well, they can’t hope to live off their good looks, it takes revenue, lots of it, and they’re not Iran with a wealth of oil fields.

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