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So unpopular with the Arabs that everybody wants to divest themselves from them, not just the Jews!

But will the barely Arabic speaking Hashmite -who’s throne is a direct result of Western politics after WWI- be successful? What will he do with all the Arabs in his kingdom that call themselves…palestinians, or as I like to call them, fakestinians?

Abdullah seeking divorce from Palestinians

04/12/2012 00:46

Analysis: Jordanian King Abdullah wishes to finish what his late father King Hussein began – full separation from the Palestinians.

King Abdullah is seeking to complete the divorce proceedings between Jordan and the Palestinians which his late father, King Hussein, began in 1988.

The separation began in July that year, a few months after the eruption of the first intifada.

King Hussein realized back then that it was not in the interest of his kingdom to maintain a linkage to the West Bank, home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

His biggest fear was that the intifada would spill over into Jordan, where the Palestinian majority would rise against his monarchy.

By cutting off Jordan’s legal and administrative ties with the West Bank, King Hussein signaled his desire to part from the Palestinians living there. Jordanians and Palestinians at the time hailed the decision as a positive step toward the Palestinians establishing a state of their own.

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  1. So, the King is also ready to divorce his Palestinian Queen? 😉

  2. It will be tricky. Palestinians are in a majority. How will he defend against that? Get rid of some; of what use are you then? Probably more going on than meets the eye?

  3. King Hussein showed how to deal with Fakestinians in September 1970, “Black September”, PLO gunmen were expelled en masse from his kingdom into Lebanon. When snipers on a building shot at his troops, the problem was dealt with by pumping tank shells into the ground floor until the building fell down.

  4. The King of Jordan has always been popular among those who identified as Jordanians. Many of these Jordanians are ethnic Palestinians.

    The problem came in the 1970’s when Yasser Arafat, playing the never-ending game of Arab empire-building, got the big idea that HE and the Palestinians were the rightful rulers of Jordan. This effort on Arafat’s part failed and caused untold misery for Palestinian Arab refugees.

    Today, like it or not, most Palestinian Arabs (those with half a brain) are citizens of Jordan and carry a Jordanian passport. This includes many in the PA administered territories.

    For some reason, the PLO and the King of Jordan never got along. OTOH, the King always had to cope with the Ikhwan who have long made up a significant portion of the Jordanian Parlaiment.

    Thus, one has to wonder if the King is ultimately trying to give the PA some lee-way in the West Bank. Jordan’s parlaiment is filled with Ikhwan members. Strengthening ties to the WB only helps HAMAS and weakens the PA.

    While the King has always been able to cope with his domestic Ikhwan, the pressures of HAMAS to wage war against Israel is a serious inconvenience to the King. Regardless of what the King of Jordan says about Israel, he knows his position as Jordan’s leader depends on maintaining peace with Israel and assistance from the United States. Cut off any leg on that three-legged stool and life gets very messy.

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