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At least he admits it was a failure.

Like Toilets in the sand

This has to be understood in the context of what these ‘geniuses’ have done, during and for some time, after the Oslo process got going; they never mulled over where exactly the whole ”peace process” was taking them. Sounds difficult to believe but that’s the case.

The man who had a ringside seat at the greatest ‘three-ring circus’ display of Palestinian intransigence ever seen….never contemplated where the Oslo process would eventually take them, (a pali state) and now wants to call it quits on the Oslo peace process, as he, in part, blames Israel for the violence of the Arabs, but still holds hope for eventual peace talks to come out of the dissolved peace process.


NOTE: Utopians are destined to repeat failed projects because they refuse to accept the knowledge gained from past experience, whether we’re talking about the ”peace process” or socialist based economics and societal politics.

[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: For twenty years Yossi Beilin has been driven by his secular messianic vision that if Israel would retreat to the ’67 lines that it would miraculously herald utopian peace. The efficacy of the piles of documents that he prepared over the course of the years was never really an issue since they functioned as devices for the unwashed masses and more importantly – shallow politicians – to cite to justify their support for his march to Paradise on earth.

It may be hard for an outsider to believe this, but as Beilin himself noted, the Israeli leader that he manipulated to support Oslo, Rabin and Peres, never actually thought through where this process was taking them.

Consider this:

Yossi Beilin – Interview by Ari Shavit “Yossi removes his glasses” Haaretz
Magazine, March 7, 1997
[Translation by IMRA]

Shavit: When you entered the Oslo process, Rabin Peres and you, was it clear to you that this was going to a Palestinian state?

Beilin: No. It is very interesting to note that the talks of the soul regarding “where will this process lead” took place only between the sides, not within them.within the Labor party and within the government and within the negotiating team I don’t recall any real and serious discussion of the final solution.

Shavit: I don’t understand. In 1992 you were elected to the government. In 1993 you created the Oslo process. At no stage did you ask yourselves where this all was leading to?

Beilin: No.

Shavit: You never spoke with Rabin about the significance of Oslo in the long run?

Beilin: Never.

Shavit: And with Peres?

Beilin: I also never spoke with Peres about it.

Beilin knew that he was selling snake oil. He allowed reporters to claim that the “Beilin-Abu Mazen Agreement” proved a deal could be made. This when those who went to the trouble to ask him point blank (including yours truly) about this got the honest answer that it left many of the hardest issues open by passing them off to committees to resolve.

So now what’s going on?

Why the call to Abu Mazen?

In a way this is encouraging.

If this is the only trick left up his sleeve then this may indicate that the fantasy known as Oslo is truly running out of steam

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