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Thanks to all those arms made available by the guys at NATO, Mali has fallen in only 72 hrs.

The rebels, armed with weapons stolen from Muammar Gaddafi’s formidable arsenal, took over an area of the Sahara as big as France in an astonishing 72 hours, taking advantage of the chaotic aftermath of an army coup.

Few of the people they promised to free waited to find out what freedom would be like. Instead, an estimated 250,000 people left their homes, terrified families fleeing with their children and possessions. Many told tales of looting and rape by rebels who now control a vast area in the heart of Africa.

Foreign governments were left scrambling to find out exactly who the rebels were, amid fears that a base for al-Qaeda will now be set up in the Sahara similar to ones in lawless parts of Pakistan and Somalia.

“Our law is a legal war, a sacred war, in the name of Islam,” a bearded leader of the Ansar al Din militia called Omar Hamaha told his supporters in Timbuktu soon after they took control of the ancient caravan town. With its blue men, spectacular mudbrick mosques, and annual music festival under the desert stars, Timbuktu was a fashionable destination for the well-heeled tourist looking for an experience of the Sahara, until 2007 when kidnapping started.

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  1. I hope they impose sharia in all its glory. They have worked and fought for it, they deserve it.

    One caveat: Please enjoy your sharia state, and don’t come begging to the West as asylum seekers claiming of Islamic persecution.

    Something about “beds and sleeping” come to mind.

    1. yeah. isn’t that always the way. honestly I am so sick of seeing muslims around, muslims of any colour. Same with those muddle eastern countries, they were better of before, now look what we have flooding out, more muslims coming to fuck our countries….. and us!.

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