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It’s never intolerant and offensive when they do it.

It’s an offensive proselytizing campaign which they disingenuously deny, despite the obviousness of it all. That says more about them than anything else.


Obaidullah said the ad is not intended to be offensive.

“Of course our aim is never to convert people. They have the choice to accept it or reject it.”

But many disagree.

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, said it is offensive to all non-Muslims.

“Recognize that in a public space, this is an offensive ad to all non-Muslims,” he said. “It’s saying all other faiths are illegitimate.”

Tarek Fatah, founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, does not agree with the ad, either.

“This is what is called the declaration of belief. It basically reads ‘There is no god but God,’” he said.

But the Muslim group translated part of the text into English, and left “Allah,” an Islam word for god, as is.

“It looks as if they’re putting God against Allah and it’s very devious and dangerous to do this,” said Fatah. “It obviously offends people to whom it seems it’s an insult to their beliefs in their God. It’s saying your god is not the right god, mine is.”

Fatah said he does not understand why this would be posted in a public space.

“I don’t think such advertisements have place in the public transit system where there are multiple faiths,” he said. “It seems to me they’re saying ‘You have to notice us.’ It’s marking out their territory.”

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  1. “Discover Islam in 85 languages.”

    You should go their both and ask for it in hebrew. And take a camera with you 😉

    and an armed guard.

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