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Sennels offers excellent analysis on Muslim behavior that would be considered disorders if the same behavioral patterns were exhibited by non-Muslim westerners.

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Robert Spencer interviews Nicolai Sennels: “Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant”


At a conference on immigrant crime in 2008, arranged by the Copenhagen municipality, Sennels said that one should not use the term “criminal immigrants,” but “criminal Muslims,” since the majority of criminal immigrants have Muslim backgrounds. Seven out of teninmates in the Danish youth prisons have immigrant backgrounds, and almost all of them are Muslims. Sennels was threatened that if he were to discuss his experiences, he would risk losing his job. This story developed into a national debate on the freedom of speech and became a widely discussed topic in the Danish media (please see here andhere), and the Minister of Integration joined the discussion.

Sennels decided to publish a book on his experiences, Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality, which was well received in both the official Psychologists Union’s magazine and the newspapers. He found himself a new appointment at the Danish Ministry of Defense, and now once again he works as a psychologist for children and teenagers.

Sennels consulted on the case against Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist serving in Guantanamo. He also contributed a chapter to the Dutch book Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion, along with Raymond Ibrahim, Hans Jansen, Michael Mannheimer, Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye’or and other renowned critics of Islam and Muslim immigration.

Spencer: Nicolai, people know you mainly for your articles on the psychological differences between Muslims and Westerners (please see here and here). You have also contributed your professional insights in the case against the Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr. You wrote several articles, as well as a book on your conclusions. Could you give us a brief account of your findings?

Sennels: There are many differences between people brought up as Muslims and those who are brought up as Westerners. I identified four main differences that are important in order to understand the behavior of Muslims. They concern anger, self-confidence, the so-called “locus of control” and identity.

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  1. In addition, there is also the factor of child sexual abuse being rampant in islam. Children in islam have no way to be protected from abuse because it is taboo to even acknowledge it. The behavior of adults, male and female, in islam may in part be an acting out of what was perpetrated on them and deemed acceptable.

  2. When will Nicolai Sennels book, “Among Criminal Muslims” be published in English? Where on the Internet can Ifind the text of the book or at least the highlights of the book so that I can print it? Peter Pigott, Ontario, Canada. A retired Catholic priest.

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