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Leftist pretzel headed logic in action.

Women decrying being ‘objectified’, strip nude thereby exploiting themselves even more. I just don’t get it. I mean, it’s great that they’re demonstrating against Islamic misogyny, but  what they’re doing undermines their core aim.

Vlad has his own take:

I’m not clear on how women can use their own nakedness to garner attention while simultaneously showing anger at being objectified. I mean, they would be a lot less objectified if they wore clothes I would think, and as they knew it would be their bare bodies that would bring attention to their cause, (whatever that is. To be honest I am not exactly sure) isn’t that actually self-objectifying?

Here is the series of pictures of the nudists in front of the Eiffel Tower

NOTE: I agree, they really haven’t thought this thing through.

3 Responses

  1. Those brave feminists should be applauded. Their demonstration was a slap in the face för not only Muslim misogynists but for all religious and culturally repressed people.

  2. I agree about the nudity. The stunt has a one-off shock value in attracting the media, but it’s not something that will bear (bare?) repeating.
    The Cuban “women in white” chose a more diginified way to bring attention to their cause..

  3. They say an areola is worth a 1000 words! I say whatever gets people’s attention! If PETA can use nude supermodels to speak out against fur, then why not bare chested women protesting against sharia?!

    If you want to grab the world’s attention, this works pretty well!


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