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Toulouse shooting: First picture of Al Qaeda fanatic Mohammed Merah suspected of killing 7……..

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As the cross-fire continued, dozens of emergency workers standing outside beside ambulances and fire engines held their ears because of the noise.

Scroll down for the videoMerah, suspected of calmly shooting dead three children and a teacher at a Toulouse Jewish school as well as three French paratroopers in two other attacks, is holed up in his besieged flat

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  1. hello. The latest about the murderer of Toulouse. He had links with spanish salafist circles. I’ve just translated the stuff from //


    “Lone wolves” like Mohamed Merah attended the Salafist summit in Tarragona: the CNI suspects that terrorist attacks were planned in several countries, including Spain

    Spanish intelligence services suspect that the salafist meeting held in Tarragona in 2011, which was attended by the murderer of Toulouse, was attended by more “lone wolves”. There are security alert for the possible existence of similar plans in other countries, including Spain.

    The killings committed by Mohamed Merah, the murderer of Toulouse fit, according to analysts consulted by the ECD, to the terrorist pattern of “Lone Wolf”, a concept that experts define as acting independently, choosing he himself his objectives and carrying out the attack without aid.

    This type of modus operandi makes it extremely difficult to detect in advance any plan and abort it.

    The gunman from Sarajevo

    The Toulouse attacks have put in alert the special security forces in Europe, which have had for months been analyzing warnings of possible similar actions across the continent since the case of the so-called ‘gunman’ in Sarajevo.

    Now, according to informations coming from intelligence services, it is suspected that there might be more Salafist groups preparing similar attacks to those that occurred in France these days, that is, attacks carried out by lone individuals.

    And Spain could not be spared from these plans, so special warnings have been raised.

    According to this information, the intensification of actions by ‘lone wolves’ could have emerged from the meeting of some radical elements in Catalonia in 2011.

    Tarragona, 2011

    The ECD informed on wednesday that a group of agents from the CNCA and the Special Central Unit of the Guardia Civil conducted a follow-up operation and identification in Tarragona, in April 2011.

    Several suspected members of jihadist circles with violent motivations belonging to the group Salafia Jihadia met there, simulating to belong to cultural associations.

    As part of that, according to the intelligence sources, “legal” conference, there were some more confidential encounters among Salafists. Among these there was a young French national of Algerian origin, not filed by the Spanish security services. He was identified as Mohamed Merah, and a warning was sent to France.

    Spain sent a dossier on Merah about his participation in these meetings to the General Directorate of External Security (DGSE), an organization equivalent to the CNI. The information was added to the french records of Merah, who had for years been filed because of maintaining links with radical islamic circles in Southern France, and making some trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it is assumed he could receive military training.

    That warning from the Guardia Civil did put Merah’s name in the list of suspects handled by the french police, which eventually led them to the murderer’s home in Toulouse.

    The spanish ideologue released

    Moreover, last January was reported the release of Mustafa Setmarian in Syria, who has spanish passport and is married to a spanish woman. Setmarian is considered one of the most influential figures of Al Qaeda.

    The Syrian is author of “The Call to Global Islamic Resistance ‘, which sets out the main bases to continue to carry out “lone wolf”-like attacks. However, consulted sources rule Setmarian out of having any connection with the recent attacks.

  2. Terrific essay

    The New Nazis

    There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. Their killers believed themselves to be members of a superior group that was destined to rule the world and enslave or exterminate members of inferior groups. The cowardice and appeasement of the French authorities allowed them to operate freely, to kill Jews and launch attacks on other countries.


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