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Only in the mush-head world of socialist radical egalitarianism would anyone dare declare a society …..’the most equal’. Ask these fools what the ‘equality’ means, and you’ll get a thousand answers, and all of them being founded upon the subjugation and crushing of the individual.

The architects of the Swedish radical egalitarian utopia (and any other state for that matter) all belong to the higher end bracket of the income scale, you can bet your bottom Kroner on it. Quality of outcome always equals equal misery for all.

Mark Levin, author of Ameritopia:  “Democrats want everyone on the same level so that they will have more control over them. They believe that liberty is immoral unless it brings about equality, not realizing that there always has and always will be income inequality. The conservative wants to create rights and individuality using a vibrant and vigorous economy that creates more opportunity.”

Swedish equality fades away as rich get richer


Sweden has seen the steepest increase in inequality over 15 years amongst the 34 OECD nations, with disparities rising at four times the pace of the United States, the think tank said.

Once the darling of the political left, heavy state control and wealth distribution through high taxes and generous benefits gave the country’s have-nots an enviable standard of living at the expense of the wealthiest members of society.

Although still one of the most equal countries in the world, the last two decades have seen a marked change. Market reforms have helped the economy become one of Europe’s best performers but this has Swedes wondering if their love affair with state welfare was coming to an end.

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