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Once a jihadi always a jihadi

So that means that the French authorities knew all about this guy from the very beginning, and the talk about “three neo-Nazi ex-army types” was just a ruse. Brian of London was right, we discussed this very senario that he brought up.

Mohamed Merah 

U.S. sent suspect back to France from Afghanistan: Prosecutor

CALGARYHERALD: TOULOUSE, France – The U.S. army sent a Frenchman currently besieged by police in Toulouse after the killings of seven people, back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Afghan police detained the man at a road checkpoint and handed him over to the U.S. army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,” prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters.

Molins, France’s top anti-terror magistrate who is overseeing the probe into the killing of three soldiers, three Jewish children and a teacher, did not provide a date or details of the Afghan arrest of suspect Mohamed Merah.

He said it occurred on one of two trips the 23-year-old Frenchman of Algerian origin made to Afghanistan. Molins said the second trip began in mid-August last year and lasted two months.

French police were laying siege Wednesday to an apartment block in Toulouse where the self-declared al-Qaida militant Merah was holed up.

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  1. Mera and his friends look like thugs – congenital thugs.

    So why does France need foreign thugs?

    1. And why there are so many foreigners black mexican jewish indian , etc ?? in USA ( more , more more than in france !)
      just look at what happens in your country
      it s the first time that we have a crazy lonely killer who loves terminator , hardcore videogame, shooting people in the streets
      France isn t usa ,neither Oslo germany or something
      we had another one julien soufir but he did it jerusalem
      in your so called country, it s absolutely usual , colombia tech , Binghamton , oakland etc .. and soldier who killed 16 civils in afghanistan , or in your real loving country, Julien soufir , Baruch Goldstein massacres of Jenine , palestinian kids killed every week
      is it a new kind of occidental , jewish jihad ? Is it written in your Talmud ?
      so look at what happens every week in your country ( the real one or the so called ) before giving us lessons ok ?
      France is a haven of peace if we compare
      That s why we have the second bigger jewish community in the world ( except israel ) , more than 800 000 in the country , who have a lot of advantages , good social welfare , freedom , good jobs , their own shools , associations , financed by the country good food and so on
      That s why they live in France , guy , because its a beautiful country , a secure state , more secuzise than usa or israel
      look at statistics !!

  2. DP111, if the others in that photo are anything like Mo – wannabe, they have a long rap sheet to prove they are thugs:

    As a minor, Merah was often involved in theft and robbery, and was sentenced 15 times in juvenile court. He also served two short prison terms in 2007 and 2009.

    But don’t let that fool ya . . .the msm is convinced Merah showed no prior signs of militancy.

    French suspect showed no sign of militant leanings, but spent time in militant Pakistani area

    or the UK Guardian 16 minutes ago:

    French suspect showed no sign of militant leanings

    The Danish msm is shamefully worse.

    It appears the AP is coordinating their narrative. Big surprise, eh?

  3. Hello, I am of France and I turn to you for you that you are using pictures without his consent to a friend boxer who bears the same namesake as the killer of Toulouse “mohamed merah” … I want to tell you that your information’s false! and this is detrimental to my friend … I ask you please remove these pictures as soon as possible. thank you in advance

    1. No Prob Greg…like I said, I was asking if. You answered that…and it will be changed.

    it’s time now ?!!!!
    pfff poor man with same name, is pissed of just because of you…

    1. As you well know, I asked the question, is this the man, and if not, then send the picture of the man. I published it well in advance of the one now floating around the web. It was never fully stated that he, “the boxer” was in fact the terrorist. the post has been duly corrected once the facts came in.

  5. on est journaliste ou on ne l’est pas !! plutot que de publier de la merde verifier vos infos !!! faite votre boulot… pas a moitié c’est pas le bon mec sur les photos !! salir la reputation d’un brave gars qui s’ investi pour son quartier, pour les jeunes, apprecier de tous!!! et surtout INNONCENT !!! mais merde quelles consequences va t il subir de votre faute!!!

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