No doubt the media is ready for a new one.

NOTE: With more than enough willing fodder to fill up the pages for a feckless, lazy media vindictive enough to print just about anything, in order to beat the Israelis over the head with it.

It’s a sad story, it’s the stuff of parental nightmares. In the mad violence that surrounds the Gaza strip, born by the inhumane attacks of Palestinian thugs on Israeli civilian targets, every child lost is a bitter casualty.

The IDF spokesperson’s office maintains that “during the course of the latest escalation, at least 20 terrorist and 4 civilians were killed. This is a direct result of terrorist organizations operating from within densely populated areas, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians while endangering Gaza residents.”

In other words, the four unfortunate civilians died because they were standing too close to rocket launching Jihadist teams.

More here.

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  1. Of course, they neglected to mention that it is highly unlikely that a Palestinian child would have a puppy as Muslims consider dogs unclean. If in fact a Muslim child had been chasing a puppy it would be to torture or kill it…

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