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More than just a religion!

What they’re demanding is for non-Muslims to convict two people for violating the Islamic sharia. The fact that it’s two Kurds who did the burning makes this an interesting incident, the authorities couldn’t easily classify it as ‘racism and/or incitement of an ethnic minority’.

The men interviewed in the Turun Sanomat video report (linked to in the article) clearly want the Norwegian government to punish the two men, because, “burning the koran is a crime”. They hold up a sign that reads “Freedom of speech doesn’t include the defamation of other religions” that includes the symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Taoism etc., but as you know very well, they wouldn’t think twice about burning the books related to these religions.

NOTE: It’s all about Islam folks, and they’ll use any means to fool, trick and use legal system of the non-Muslims in their favor. Click here for the GOV’s article on Norway’s mullah Krekar praising the murder of Theo Van Gogh. He’s on trial for threatening the lives of these two Kurds. Something tells me that the bus load of Kurds in Helsinki wouldn’t disagree with Krekar.

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TS: Muslims  traveling from Turku to Helsinki point out that desecration is not subject to freedom of expression.

UPDATE: Here is the video subtitled

Desecration of the Koran get Muslims from Turku moving.

The desecration of the koran which is becoming more widespread around the world gets Muslims in Turku moving. Two bus loads of Kurds went to the Norwegian Embassy in Helsinki on friday. Watch the video (In Finnish)

A group of mainly Kurds wish to petition the Norwegian authorities to amend the country’s  legislation on freedom of speech.

The petitioners key objective, is that defiling the koran is a punishable crime.

– The case has been treated with indifference. We want to petition Norway, because such desecration has been done there quite often, says Mohammad Azizi from Turku, who and drew up the petition and planned the protest.

Mostly rage has caused the protest, where four Kurdish men desecrated Islam, burned the Koran, and then spat on it. They then announced their commitment to the cause online. The vast majority of Kurds are Muslim, but many who moved to the west have given up their faith. Among them there are also atheists.

Aftab Hushyar, who got on the bus in Turku reminded of how serious of an attitude Muslims take of desecration.

– The Koran is our holy book of Islam that’s more than just a religion. It is a way of life. Burning of the Quran is not freedom of speech but a criminal offense, Hushyar says.

The petition handed over to the Norwegian Embassy reminded of how Islam obliges Muslims to respect each country’s laws and to abide by it, and to be cooperative and kind to every people.

NOTE: What a bunch of hooey. They are only show ‘respect’ as long as they are in the clear minority. Once they attain demographic superiority, off come the gloves. Here is how Muslims show respect for other religions:

NOTE: Anyone speak Kurd, who can translate the text on this poster depicting one of the Kurds who burned the koran?

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  1. […] I thought he looked familiar. They never rest or sleep for that matter, always looking to move the goal posts in Islam’s favor where ever they reside. Muhammad Azzizi demonstrated at the Norwegian embassy in March of this year, in regards to two Kurds who burned copies of the koran, demanding that they be convicted of ”hate speech”. He’s pictured second from the right, holding a sign that reads: […]

  2. in reply to what written by the last photo {NOTE: Anyone speak Kurd, who can translate the text on this poster depicting one of the Kurds who burned the koran?}
    The offender must be tried

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