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This is a clear cut case of discrimination. A male nurse was fired from his position specifically because he was treating female Muslims. If that’s not a violation of the discrimination code, then please do tell me how it’s not. Learn to expect more of this as the  followers of the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage keep moving the goal posts more and more in their favor.

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Male nurse fired for treating female Muslims

A former medic in Dearborn, Michigan is going after his old employers with a sex discrimination suit. According to John Benitez Jr, he lost his job with the city’s Department of Health because he provided medical care to Muslim patients.

Benitez, 63, has spent half his life as a registered nurse. In September 2010, he joined the ranks of Dearborn’s Health Department to assist patients in one of the largest Muslim communities in America. Even with a booming population of immigrants practicing Islam, the nurse says that his supervisor told him that they were off limits.

Benitez says that his former employer lectured him against providing care to female Muslim patients that sought help, and instead asked him to send them to her, a Muslim, for treatment. According to the suit recently filed, the Muslim supervisor told Benitez that “conservative” Muslims, specifically women garbed in hijab head scarves, would not want to be touched by a male nurse.

Benitez followed the instruction until November 17, when according to the legal filing, a doctor questioned him “about the cumbersome and unusual practice of taking women wearing a head scarf to the nursing supervisor for care.” As a trained, licensed medical professional — and employee of the city — Benitez should have been providing care to anyone in need. After the doctor confronted him about it in November and said the supervisor’s instructions were “improper,” Benitez went back to treating everyone that came in.

Only two weeks later, Benitez was fired.

According to the legal papers, the nurse was explicitly told that the termination was “not because of any performance problem, but was instead carried out because the clinic’s conservative male Muslim clientele did not want a male treating female patients.” More than 30 years after entering the practice — a tenure which included a stint asVietnam war Army medic — the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gave Benitez the go ahead to sue last month and on Wednesday he filed the discrimination suit in Detroit U.S. District Court.

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  1. I have always considered myself a tolerant non racist, but I have to say Militant Islam frightens me. I live in Great Britain and it seems that although we live under British Law ,some Muslims are promoting Sharia Law. They are allowed to preach this openly on British streets. We do not want Sharia law, we do not want our children seggregated and girls treated as second class citizens. I am a Christian , but Sikhs, Jews,Hindus and many other religions can practice freely without trying to impose yheir views and laws on others so why cant Muslims be content with this. France has now banned the burqa and I can sympathise with that. It offends me. When I visit a Muslim country as a tourist I obey their rules and I cover up. Howver that courtesy is not returned. Militant Muslims are quite open they want a world wide Islamic state. Through weak Goverenments they seem to be on the way to achieving this. If they live in Britain first and foremost they should respect our law and customs. Practise Sharia law by all means but remember British law is the law of the country.

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