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It’s what I’ve been saying all along 

The feeding of the welfare state results in the shrinking of the economic pie while the state cuts more slices from it. Utopian schemes do not work, and sooner the party on the right (National Coalition) admits that reality and explains it to the people, the better.

NOTE: Only wealth creating jobs will be able to keep the country afloat, not service sector employment, otherwise you’re just shifting money around already in circulation. In order for the private sector to generate job creation, the state has to get its foot its neck. Whittling away at the welfare state, and expanding the private sector is the only sane economic policy to follow.

H/T: Sam I Am

More here.

Also: EU utopia takes another hit as well:

EU Budget Deal May Leave Spain Struggling to Meet Deficit-Reduction Goal

Let Nigel explain it for you.

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  1. KGS, I seem to remember that you’re American, right? Being Swedish, I see the story from the Finnish state broadcaster in a rather different light. Being Swedish, I’ve seen it before. The keywords in that article is “employment-based immigration is crucial”.
    That’s the story that we Swedes have had showed down our throats for the last 20+ years. Media in Finland lags behind Swedish media in this I think. Here’s what you can expect: Over time, talk of needed immigration will make it’s way into more and more stories, covering an ever increasing number of subjects. Every facet of society needs these immigrants. If there’s a story about health-care for the elderly, the story will come to focus on the immigrant nurse or the immigrant doctor. If there’s a story about popular music, they’ll find some complete unknown immigrant musician that they’ll try to hype. Food? Well what is the modern interpretation of classic Finnish cooking with a Somali twist?

    1. Hi Jacob, yes that’s true.

      The overall point I’m making here is, that the welfare state itself, is the drain on society. Drawing more people here to buttress it, especially with jobs that do not in fact create wealth, is suicidal. No, I get it, the article is in fact saying as you described. I choose to spearhead it straight in the side, goring it as deep as possible. The welfare state, and the socialist mind that runs it, is in fact the problem here.

      There is never enough money to keep the utopia going, and importing people with no job skills, to do manual labour is not going to “prop up the system”, you need new tax revenue coming from new wealth creating jobs. Otherwise your doing something that is the equivalent of paying two men to dig and bury a hole, the work was done, but no extra wealth was created.

      But I indeed get your salient point.

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