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The Tundra Tabloids is very glad to get rid of the marxist president, Tarja Halonen, it’s been a very long twelve years under her tormenting reign, good riddance. Though I wish the incoming president well, I have to be frank here, he’s still a big government, statist kind of guy who offers no substantial criticism, or opposition, to the tyrannical EU that a prior house of parliament placed the sovereignty of the people under.

Frankly speaking, I doubt seriously that Sauli Niinistö, nor those within the National Coalition leadership, can really define their party’s conservative values without tripping themselves up in their explanations on their governing philosophy. It will inevitably be laced with marxist thinking, dressed up in the defense of the “modern welfare state”.

That’s where we are folks. Leftists really shouldn’t be complaining, their utopian agenda has been co-opted by the faux conservatives, but the leftists can’t help themselves, being leftists, they can’t help but want more stealing of your liberty and bigger government. One day it will all collapse in on itself, as all utopias eventually do, you can only shrink the pie while taking more slices from it for so long, before it disintegrates.

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  1. The last one looked demented and this one does too. Good Luck!

  2. Apart from the constant drain on the tax payer’s wallet or purse, what does the President actually do to justify his or her existence? Just asking.

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