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Thanks to Vasarahammer for the heads up, who mentions that it took place in Kannelmäki, a suburb of Helsinki. The kids doing the bullying are all of immigrant extraction, and are doing what all school bullies have done throughout history, torment others unwilling to fight back.

The interesting thing here is that it breaks with the carefully crafted PC meme that only minorities can be the victims. If the roles where reversed, you would hear the politicians and human rights groups decrying the wave of racism that’s raging through the streets and schools of Finland.

NOTE: Apparently one of the kids bullying placed it on the net. They pretty much stick to cussing and swearing like the kids do here, like seasoned salty sailors.

Violent bullying video shocks (Finnish) internet

Iltalehti: The boy hits and insults another boy in the video, which has upset a number of Internet users.

A young boy dressed in a dark clothes beats and insults another boy with a group of friends cheering. The incident which can be described as a case of bullying was filmed over a few minutes length of time and the video placed on the web.

In the video filmed in the yard of a residential building, one boy shouts at the other boy. After the boy who was being shouted at retreats with a friend, the instigator jumps on him, kicking and striking while the guys cheer. The boy then contiues to hit his victim even more.

– Beat him in the face. Over again. Harder! The boys encourage.

As the attacking boy and the boy being beaten look like look young teenagers.

The situation ended only when the beaten, and his friend and go to a nearby house to the front door, where a woman comes out and ends the incident.

7 Responses

  1. The Finn better learn the lesson. Push back or this will only continue.

    Follow AU’s Chopper’s advice, Harden the Fuck Up,


      This boy needs to learn to defend himself. Adults are not always going to be around, and the little jerk who harassed him will be back for more sport.

      Basic lessons in self defense are the only remedy here; of course it goes against the grain for some kids but an adult will not always be around.

  2. Don;t get what their saying, but why are they laughing at 3.00 min.?

  3. At least the Finnish kid was halfway fighting back and arguing with the guy. A Swedish kid would have fallen down crying. A Norwegian kid would’ve called the school ombudsperson and two social workers on his cellphone to come and resolve the regrettable misunderstanding.

    I personally would have punched the little f*cker in the throat as hard as I could and then broken any nearby object over his friends’ pointy little heads, but that’s just me.

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