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The carrot for steering defiant Finland into helping bail out Greece? You decide for yourself, “a sop for the Finns heeding the demands of the Brussel’s leviathan.” Remember, it’s the same ”geniuses” that got us into this mess in the first place, that are suppossedly going to get us out it, and then they seek to reward themselves with even bigger positions with no accountability to the electorate.

Finnish PM could replace Juncker as Eurogroup chief

BRUSSELS – Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has invited select EU leaders and ministers to a “winter retreat” in Finland in what could be an opportunity to lobby for the top job in the eurozone.

His invitation, sent out on Tuesday (6 March), says the event, on 23-25 March in Saariselka, north Finland, will “focus on economic affairs” and look for “ways to resolve the economic crisis in Europe.”

But it comes amid widespread speculation in Finnish and Swedish media, as well as among diplomats in Brussels, that he wants to take over when Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker steps down from the post in June.

While eurozone summits are in future to be chaired by Belgium’s Herman Van Rompuy, the Eurogroup chief presides over monthly meetings of eurozone finance ministers, which decides on vital issues such as details of the Greek bail-out.

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