Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory School children manipulation Schools



Not good.

Folks, you’ll have to be diligent if you want to take your country back from the radicals that have infested it from every corner. This is a direct result of not being interested in what happens at the state and local levels. Time to root out the socialist race mongers among you, exposing them for what they are and return the schools, local government back into the hands of the sane.

With the approval of the Obama administration, and under the guise of closing achievement gaps between black and white students, PEG is promoting teaching methods that discourage “black and brown” students from conforming to an inherently “white” — and therefore racist — curriculum.

PEG also encourages teachers to conform to the presumed cultural backgrounds of students, rather than focusing on norms of assessment and accountability. was alerted to the activity of PEG within schools by readers who responded to our reporting on President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Bell, and his use of Critical Race Theory in his lectures at the University of Chicago.

Subsequent investigation led to the revelation that Critical Race Theory is being introduced nationwide through the efforts of PEG.

Glenn Singleton, the founder of PEG, explained in anundated interview with WMEZ of Macon, GA that the organization uses Critical Race Theory as a foundation to encourage teachers, students, and school systems as a whole to talk about race:

More formally, we engage in what is called systemic transformation, which is operating from a framework of whole system change that works with everyone in the system from the board of education to beginning teachers…

Critical Race Theory…helps the educator now be able to understand how race influences our day-to-day experiences and the historical implications of race…

More here.

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