Not good.

This is a tragedy. Innocent civilians murdered by a soldier who flipped. You can’t foresee this kind of situation, but unfortunately it belongs to the landscape of a land where atrocities happen on a daily basis.

NOTE: In the west such an act is immediately condemned and the perp deemed a mental case, in the Muslim Middle East, he’s just deemed a loyal servant of allah. He probably got fed up with US soldiers being ‘fracked’ by the people they train.

U.S. serviceman kills 16 in Afghan village shooting, officials say

REPORTING FROM KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — A lone American serviceman slipped away from his base in southern Afghanistan before dawn Sunday and went on a methodical house-to-house shooting rampage in a nearby village, killing 16 people, nearly all of them women and children, according to Afghan officials who visited the scene.

The NATO force confirmed that the assailant was in military custody, and that he had inflicted an unspecified number of casualties during the shooting rampage at about 3 a.m. Sunday. The U.S. Embassy called for calm and expressed deep condolences; the Taliban referred to the killings as an “act of genocide.”

The British Broadcasting Corp. reported that the shooter was a staff sergeant and a member of the U.S. special operations forces who had been involved in training the Afghan police.

The incident, potentially the worst atrocity of the 10-year war to be deliberately carried out by a single member of the Western military, represents a stunning setback to U.S.-Afghan relations, already shaken by last month’s burning of copies of the Koran at a U.S. military base north of Kabul.

Anti-U.S. sentiment flared into deadly riots after the Koran-burning at Bagram airfield came to light. American officials have said the action was a mistake and offered profuse apologies, but some Afghans, including lawmakers and senior clerics, brushed aside the apologies and called for harsh punishment of those involved.

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  1. MSM narrative shifts to multiple soldiers in multiple attacks:

    (Reuters) – Western forces shot dead 16 civilians including nine children in southern Kandahar province on Sunday, Afghan officials said, in a rampage that witnesses said was carried out by American soldiers who were laughing and appeared drunk.
    One Afghan father who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies.

    Witnesses told Reuters they saw a group of U.S. soldiers arrive at their village in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district at around 2 am, enter homes and open fire.

    The incident, one of the worst of its kind since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, is likely to deepen the divide between Washington and Kabul.


  2. No excuse and a horror. I do wonder if he was at all affected by the shootings of our soldiers in cold blood by Afghan police we had trained and if so, will media mention/speculate. I’ve seen similar speculation/reporting when a Muslim murders non-Muslims, be they Americans, Europeans, or Israelis.

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