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There was a documentary some years ago about Israeli soldiers seeking to clear their names in the British media that wrongly claimed their being guilty of committing genocide in the Jenin refugee camp incident. In the documentary, Jenin: Masscacring Truth, the then, director of the British Political Cartoon Society, Tim Benson, explains to Martin Himel the decision of the society to award Dave Brown for the best political cartoon of 2003, in his portrayal of Ariel Sharon eating Palestinian babies.

The director of the documentary, Martin Himel asks Benson about the apparent  hypocrisy, “What about the emotional power of Jewish children blown to bits by suicide bombers?.  Benson replied: “Jews don’t issue fatwas against journalists“.

That response captures exactly the mindset of the British media and the MSM, in how handle the issues connected with Islam and Muslims, with kid gloves, lest the arouse the anger of the Muslim street. So you can only expect for the most part (the Daily Mail is at times an exception) two kinds of reporting from the media. One style that placates Muslim sensibilities and skewers the truth, the other, open hostility towards all things Christian.

BBC Chief Admits To Covering Muslims and Christians Differently

BBC’s General Director, Mark Thompson, freely admits to practicing bias when it comes to reporting on Christians and Muslims. What we see here coming from the mouth of a chief media figure is an admission of cowardice to justify a double standard in the media. Our own liberal media should take note:

“The point is that for a Muslim, a depiction, particularly a comic or demeaning depiction, of the Prophet Mohammed might have the emotional force of a piece of grotesque child pornography. One of the mistakes secularists make is not to understand the character of what blasphemy feels like to someone who is a realist in their religious belief.”

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  1. I guess it does not occur to him that he is reinforcing and encouraging muslim bad behavior by kowtowing to it.

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