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Because, strangely enough, Muslims who’ve reconnected themselves to their ‘inner mohamed‘, have an affinity for blood thirsty terrorists.

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French police stop march in memory of Toulouse killer

(AGI) Toulouse – Police in France prevented a group of people from holding a demonstration in memory of the Toulouse killer.

This afternoon, some one hundred riot police officers intervened to disperse about thirty people who were trying to hold a demonstration in memory of Mohammed Merah, the man behind a series of shootings in Toulouse who was killed by the police two days ago after an over 32-hour siege. Most of the demonstrators were burqa-clad young women. Wearing the full-body burqa veil in public is illegal in France. . .

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  1. Muhammad and his alter ego, Allah, was evil and twisted. We know this from the Quran and his biography. We know that he is a murder, a rapist, a thief, and a fraud. To all Muslims, this is true. Don’t hate the person telling you the truth about Muhammad. I am just a messenger telling you about Muhammad and it is not false. I did not make it up. If you hate anyone, you should hate Muhammad because he committed those evil acts. Educate yourselves and read your own religious texts to understand it. Don’t just read it in Arabic and memorize it and not have any understanding it at all. That is just utterly useless. Only when you can understand it then you can reject it when you recognize the evil that is inherent in Islam taught by Muhammad. If you understand it and don’t reject then you are evil as well. Just because he claims he is a prophet does make those actions good. He was just using that excuse to make evil acts into divine acts so that anything he did could not be a sin. This is absurd! From his conduct and behavior, there is no way that he is in heaven, but rather he is suffering in hell now.

    1 Billion+ Muslims follow him. I feel sorry for all Muslims because they follow this despicable person. If Muhammad was the best Muslim and he is in hell because of his evil acts, then no Muslims can do better than him. He will lead them and they will all follow him to hell as well. The more devout they are then their chances of going to hell are much higher. If they reject Islam and the less devout they are, then it is possible that they can avoid going to hell.

    Islam is a great evil that has caused great suffering to mankind since the 7th century during the time of Muhammad, up to today and into the future as long as Islam exists. For all the so called moderate Muslims (they ignore the violence inherent in Islam, turn a blind eye, or don’t know much about their own religion) out there that don’t reject Islam is just confusing everyone and perpetuating a great evil. They too are participating in a great evil and they will also follow Muhammad to hell. Muslims pray 5 times a day to Allah so they can go to heaven but instead those prays will cause them to fall into hell. Allah is just the alter ego of Muhammad. Muhammad is in hell for his evil acts, so how can praying to his alter ego Allah going to help any Muslims gain entry into heaven?

    Question all Muslims should try to ask and answer: Is it a coincidence that Islam produces so many terrorists? It’s definitely inspired by Muhammad and the Quran, so violence is inherent in Islam.

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