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Believe you me, support for Geert Wilders comes from every sector of society that believes fundamentalist (Read= Islam 101) Islam to be a threat. To imply that it’s just Jews providing funding to Wilders, and by default, manipulating world events, is nothing more than an ancient anti-Semitic trope which totally ignores the fools in the various Jewish communities scattered throughout the West that reject Geert Wilders and totally suck up to Islamic apologists.

NOTE: Here’s the anti-Semitic cartoon, a Jewish arm shoving wads of money into the suit pocket of Geert Wilders. Sorry in advance, but to properly discern the cartoon, you have to see it. The Hebrew text is very poor, in fact it is an expression which does not exist, but is poorly translated from Dutch. It means to say “many thanks in a polite way.

From BadNewsFromTheNetherlands blog

The Jewish broadcasting organization (Joodse Omroep) has brought a criminal complaint at the Justice Department against the columnist Jos Collignon and the daily De Volkskrant. A complaint has also been brought at the Council for Journalism. The complainant states that in a cartoon published, it is suggested that the Freedom Party is financed by international Jewry and that Jewish capitalism guides the policy of the party. The complainant says that this anti-Semitic cartoon could have been published by the Nazi paper Der Stürmer. Spitsnieuws.

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  1. Pull a Geller (she challenged the NYT recently) and see what the public response is to seeing a cartoon in De Volkskrant illustrating the various Dutch (or Swedish/Svenska Dagbladet, Norwegian/Aftenposten, etc.) political Islamophile’s jacket pockets/purses being stuffed with €’s with the accompanying crude script in Arabic for Sieg Heil (pbuh) نبينا صلى الله عليه وسلم ,منتصرا الشفاء !

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