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Murderer was not a neo-Nazi bastard, but a Muslim one.

[Three officers wounded in shootout during early morning swoop to arrest Jewish school shooting suspects, say sources] (Guardian)

[French interior minister: 24-year-old suspect “wanted revenge for Palestinian children,” avenge French overseas interventions.] (JPost)

UPDATE: (11:03)His name is Mohammed Merah. His third brother is still on the loose. Merah said he plans to give himself up this afternoon.

3 cops wounded after a shootout with suspect in Jewish school slayings; 1 held

By NBC News, staff and news services

Updated at 3:50 a.m. ET: TOULOUSE, France — A suspect wanted in connection with the killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school wounded three police officers in a shootout at a house in Toulouse, France, early Wednesday and said he was a member of al-Qaida.

Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the 24-year-old man targeted in the raid had visited Afghanistan and Pakistan, and that he had shot dead the four out of “revenge for Palestinian children.” He is also suspected by authorities of having killed three soldiers of North African origin last week.

Police sources told Reuters that another man had been arrested earlier Wednesday at a separate location in connection with the case.


All French shooting victims shot in the head at close range, prosecutor says

The suspect inside the house said that he trained in the Pakistan and Afghanistan and is affiliated with Forca lesa, an Islamic group dismantled by the French government. The group, which recruits young French to join the jihad, is considered to be dangerous.

‘No respect for life’
On Tuesday, hundreds of police officers had spread out across southern France in the hunt for the gunman suspected in three deadly attacks.

Authorities suspect the school killer was also behind two recent attacks in the same area on French paratroopers that left three soldiers dead and one seriously wounded. The victims were of North African and French Caribbean backgrounds.

Sarkozy described the killer as a “monster.”

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  1. From the link:

    “However, a Le Figaro correspondent at site of raid reported that police received key tip from a local motorcycle shop in Toulouse a few days ago, according to NBC News. A salesperson said a man came into the shop to ask how to neutralize the GPS system on his TMX scooter. The salesperson thought this was suspicious and reported incident to police, giving a description of the suspect.
    The suspect was apparently already known to French authorities for his radical activities and the investigation zeroed in on the man and his brother, NBC News said.

    Yet the French authorities intentionally focused on the ‘extreme right’ boogeyman in the immediate aftermath of the yeshiva killings. Shame on them.

    Of course, French President Sarkozy says France should not give way to discrimination or vengeance after shootings – @Reuters twitter feed.

    Who was giving way to discrimination after these shootings? Sarkozy and company did everything they could to distract from rational analysis and commentary then – throwing the ‘extreme-right’ neo-Nazi red herring in everyone’s face.

    Spit. France better wake up and throw these facts in the face of Sarkozy, the French media, and each and every islamophile protecting this self-declared enemy. THis time this foolish cowardice cost seven lives and several wounded. No more!

    Lan astaslem.

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