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In spite of police assurances, the possibility of the Somali group (seeking public money for their summer camp) having connections with Al-Shabab terrorists is real, and that alone is reason enough to quash the request, but not the only one.

Why are city (taxpayer) funds being allocated for family camps (special interest groups) in the first place? If they need funding, get it through private donations or do without.

Board member Timo Uppala (Finns Party) says that his demand is based on a recollection of an article published in Helsingin Sanomat in September.

“If I recall correctly a member of Sorasod, who was interviewed in the Helsingin Sanomat story, did not consider al-Shabaab a terrorist organisation”, Uppala says.

In the article Sorasod chairman Idiris Farah said that he does not believe that Somalis in Finland would have any contact with al-Shabaab. He added that even if there were some contacts it would be unfair to label people as terrorists on that basis. He also pointed out that many Somalis see al-Shabaab soldiers as freedom fighters.

Supporting al-Shabaab is not a crime, legally speaking”, Farah now elaborates as he rejects Uppala’s accusations against Sorasod.

“It is too bad that someone is so hostile toward immigrants that he would come up with any excuse to oppose giving them support.”

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  1. This is a must read

    Jihadists “Liberating” Spain for Islam -by Soeren Kern


    This situation was deliberately brought about by PM Zapatero, who has now been defeated in the recent elections. He was the idiot/traitor who deliberately, and with malice against his own people, allowed millions of Muslims to enter Spain.

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