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The hard Left and Islam meet up again.

Ken Livingstone: I will make London a beacon of Islam

Here is the full version of a story which appears in the print edition of today’s Daily Telegraph:

Ken Livingstone has promised to turn London into a “beacon” for the words of the Prophet Mohammed in a sermon at one of the capital’s most controversial mosques.

Mr Livingstone, Labour’s candidate for mayor of London, pledged to “educate the mass of Londoners” in Islam, saying:  “That will help to cement our city as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet.” Mr Livingstone described Mohammed’s words in his last sermon as “an agenda for all humanity.”

He praised the Prophet’s last sermon, telling his audience: “I want to spend the next four years making sure that every non-Muslim in London knows and understands [its] words and message.” He also promised to “make your life a bit easier financially.”

Mr Livingstone was speaking at last Friday’s Jummah prayer at the North London Central Mosque, also known as Finsbury Park Mosque, formerly controlled by the terrorist recruiter Abu Hamza.

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7 Responses

  1. Stupid, treacherous, dhimmi moron.We need people like him like we need a hole in the head.

  2. KGS: talking about damned reds, I’d like to draw your attention to this:
    A magnificent docu about this rotten red locusts who leave not one brick on top of another behind them.

    The name “Ken Livingston” will be added to the list of Nuremberg 2.0 for sure.

  3. …please ignore the islamic hints. This is the only fault of this docu. Perhaps it can be removed with a video editor…

  4. Livingstone is a Marxist/communist. Leftists would like nothing better then to destroy Western/Christian civilisation. That is why they are allied to Islam- they are using Islam and Muslims as a solvent to dissolve the glue that holds Western civilisation. As Islam masquerades as a religion, it is an ideal stalking horse for the totalitarian left.

    Unfortunately for them, and us, Islam is not a horse but a tiger, and the left and us, will end up inside the tiger.

  5. Ken Livingstone is the chairman of the UAF, the ultraviolent anti british group which is allied to Anjem Choudary’s poppyburners. Many men arrested for terrorism in that part of the world have been associated with Choudhary’s various groups.

    This makes Livingstone a knowing friend to terrorists.

    The UAF recently demonstrated in support of a pedophile rape and forced prostitution gang. Sounds pretty cray cray but look it up.

    Ken Livingstone might as well be a card carrying member of NAMBLA.

    He is aiding and abbetting the continued mass rape of his nations children. The continued hate speach against his country and his nations military and the continued terrorism against all the peoples of Europe.

    To vote for Ken Livingstone is to dance on the graves of every innocent man woman and child who has been murdered by terrorists and to spit in the face of every teenage girl who’s been raped or forced into prostitution.

  6. Livingstone is and was a traitor to the British people. When he was last in power he pandered to the developers and bankers and architects who wanted to turn London into a sea of glass buildings. He celebrated every other nationality other than the British. He is intent on destroying everything that is British about the city. As a Londoner I detest that he thinks he deserves the votes to do this. Hence his appealing to immigrant communities to finish the job. A ghastly weasel who should be banned from ever standing for public office by true Londoners.

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