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Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s incendiary Chicago pastor, admired radical Harvard Law School professor Derrick Bell, inviting him to speak at Trinity United Church of Christ and referring to him from the pulpit.

In one sermon, which Wright published in 1995 in a collection entitled Africans Who Shaped Our Faith: A Study of 10 Biblical Personalities, Wright referred specifically to Bell’s protest against Harvard–the same protest that Obama supported in a video released by Breitbart.com last week.

The sermon repeats the main doctrine of Bell’s Critical Race Theory–that the United States was founded on racism, and that America remains irredeemably racist. Wright also attacked “Jewish lawyers,” comparing the Jews of Jesus’s time to “Klansmen” and describing Jesus as a racial provocateur:

Jesus is a perfect model for the best type of faith. Jesus had a faith that did not avoid the realities of race. Modern reasoning tries to avoid the issue of race and pretend that race doesn’t really matter.

That is a lie. Race does matter. Race is a reality that one cannot ignore. America was founded on racism. America lives and breathes racism. In this country, racism is as natural as motherhood, apple pie and the fourth of July….

What this country is is about racism from day one. The moment you take your first breath as a black person in this country, you have four strikes against you. You cannot ignore race.

Consider the case of Derrick Bell. Some people would rather fire an “uppity” Black lawyer like him than hire one woman of color. If you don’t believe me, send for the transcript from Phil Donahue. Race matters in this country. There is no reason to pretend it doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to bury one’s head in the sand. Some of us want a Holy Ghost that is blind and dumb, one that will give us tongues but will not give us truth.

Some of us want to run past this issue of race and pretend that race does not really matter. However, Jesus had a faith that did not avoid the reality of race. He kept bringing up the Samaritan issue, because race does matter. Every time Jesus said the word “Samaritan,” while talking to Jewish lawyers, it was just like saying the word “nigger” to some Klansmen in America.

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