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Of course she did, she’s a socialist Democrat (SDP)

JU: Those people with higher incomes and wealth should play a greater role in meeting future costs.”

Knee-jerk taxation is the bain of any free society.

Attacking property rights is the hallmark of the socialist, it’s their bread and butter approach to governance. In their world of thinking, there is only a limited amount of wealth to be had, and those who have it, those who have been successful, do so at the expense of those who have not been successful, or have never even tried to be successful at all.

It’s a very limited, stunted way of thinking, but it serves the socialists’ purposes very nicely. Chuck out a few bromides of class warfare rhetoric, and there you have it, the evil wealthy is pitted against the poor, and the poor can never be expected to tighten up the belt. Never. ”What’s needed is more revenue from the wealthy, (who can afford it)”.

Never mind the fact that every Euro taken from the individual (in this case the affluent) and redistributed by the government, is one Euro taken from the investment and loan firms that use it to generate yet more wealth. They end up shrinking the economic pie while slicing yet more slices from it. It’s a self defeating process and will in the end create less opportunities for job creation.

NOTE: One good thing though, everyone in Finland pays income tax, regardless of income, it’s just that it’s a progressive income tax like in the US that’s founded on Marxist principles, it should be a flat tax instead.

Finance Minister against large expenditure cuts

YLE: SDP Chair and Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen says she will not support excessive cuts in government expenditure during upcoming government budget deliberations.

Speaking at a party gathering on Saturday, Urpilainen stressed the importance of policies designed to promote responsible growth and employment.

“Those demanding cuts of up to five billion euros must come out and say from where the cuts will come,” she exclaimed. In her view, excessive cuts in state expenditure would hurt lower wage earners the most.

Urpilainen says new budgetary measures must be carried out fairly. Those people with higher incomes and wealth should play a greater role in meeting future costs.

She suggested an increase in tax on inheritances over one million euros.

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