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End the subsidies, and you’ll soon find out how rewarding work will be.

The Finn mentioned in the article, Viljami Wager, belongs to the ”Degrowth’ movement in Finland who want to turn Finland back into the backwater state it was before the 20th century. Wager is an ‘artist’ who purposely lives off the taxpayers’ dime, doodling, and going to the social welfare office to ensure that his entitlements keep flowing. In other words, he’s a real deadbeat.

Here is what one of his fellow travelers in the “Degrowth” movement in Finland, sociologist, Jarna Pasanen, who speaks highly of Wager, has to say in another article about how society should really run:

“Basically, it means a rigorous tightening of taxes in the  progressive  income tax system.” According to the sociologist quality of life in society is also more happier one, because the work is reduced, and leisure time increased. “We intend for a 30 hour working week. And when the working time is reduced, there’s more work.”


Did you get that? Shrink the economic pie and take out as many cuts from it that you possibly can, and there’ll be work for all! Nirvana! This is what the radicalized universities have unleashed upon society, a bunch of moronic, leftist deadbeats. Un-freaking-believable.

Young Finns shun ‘mcjobs’

Viljami Wager is a painter, and has not done paid work in eight years. No cleaning, no telesales and no unethical work. No fast-food restaurants or ‘crap jobs’ either. More and more young people are not prepared to accept many of the jobs available to them. “It’s really important, what you do every day,” says Viljami Wager, a 30-year-old artist who has not done any paid work for eight years. “It doesn’t work, if it is annoying to go to work every day, then the best part of each day is wasted. Why would you sell that?”

More here.

NOTE: What’s even more scary, is to hear Finnish politicians talking about share-time work policies, where workers share their positions with the unemployed. Real big time loser political hacks, who haven’t a clue on how to grow an economy.

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  1. Two comments:

    First, I wonder what the young men and women who fought for Finland against the Soviet Union at great sacrifice in 1940 -1942 would have thought about losers and bludgers like Viljami Wager.

    Second, the downward spiral of the quality of university graduates from about 1960 -1965 onwards (especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences) has led to a generation of educated (sic) public sector employees who just cannot think or discuss current social issues with any semblance of logic or rigor.

    Where is this all going?

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