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The take down of the radical street organizer-in-chief begins.

Obama: Saul, got any advice for me now?

I have said this from day one when I started commenting in earnest on Obama’s campaign for the presidency, the media is not seriously vetting the candidate. No greater example can be found than the MSM’s complete refusal to touch on Obama’s “church life” with the not so reverend Jeremiah (God damn the United States of America) White. Then there’s the complete shutting up of Obama’s university records, and the MSM’s lack of enthusiasm  on asking why that’s so.

Now the gloves come off, and though Andrew is gone, he laid a very good foundation for the delivering of a game plan that in time (in drip drip fashion) will expose this man, and the media that promoted/created him. The focus here is the corrupt (liberal) media relinquishing its role as watchdogs for that of ‘lapdogs’ of the democratic party, in not doing the job they are paid to do.

NOTE: This is going to be one hell of a ride, thanks Andy, you’re doing more work from the other side than what the media is doing in the here and now.

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