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Finn taxpayers’ money at work.

This is a guy that spreads lies that Israel steals money from holocaust survivors to spend on weapons. These radical leftists are the worst of the worst. Shir Hever is typically a redistribution of wealth utopian, who lauds Finland for being one of the most ”equal countries in the world”, meaning equality of outcome/egalitarian driven societies, as if forced coercion of the citizen by the state is a noble thing.

Just like fundamental Islam, leftism is as utopian and restrictive of the individual, which explains their fascination with Islam and support of the Arabs. This guy Hever is a marxist, who fits well with the 99% morons in the ”Occupy movement” whining over the supposed inequality of the distribution of wealth, where the 1% supposedly owns everything.

This is the connection the left has with the anti-Israel movement, utopian extremism coupled with loathing of successful people, especially of they’re Jews.

A friend studying political science at a Finnish university sends the following message that the Hever is coming to Finland on the 6th of March, to spread his BDS bullcrap to Finns at an event at the Helsinki university, being arranged by: Kirkon Ulkomaanapu/EAPPI-ohjelma:

An Israeli economist Shir Hever, will visit Finland in early March. He lectured the Israelioccupation of Palestinian territories economic dimension. At the same time he talks aboutBoycott, divestment and Sanctions movement, and its effects. Heverin accurate observationsdealing with boycotts and sanctions, access to Israel to respect international law.

Shir Hever is working economic researcher at the Palestinian-Israeli Alternative Information Center. His book “The Political Economy of Isreal` s Occupation: Repression BeyondExploitation “was published in 2010.

Participants will receive 6.3 FinnWatch published a report entitled “Forbidden Fruit”, which is a settlement of Finnish companies on the links to illegal Israeli settlements.

Hever: “Only external pressure can truly bring change to this society, and allow democracy to take hold in the region, not only for the benefit of Palestinians, but for the benefit of Israelis too. External pressure, by using political and economic tools such as sanctions and boycott, returns the issues of civil rights and democracy to the fore, and deprives Israel of the option to use its military might to make the problem go away”. (Shir Hever: Why Does Israel Still Occupy the Palestinians?)

The guy is delusional, take note of his lack of concern for the jihad against the Jews, the Arab Muslims insistence of wiping out every last Jew from Israel and making it Judenrein, except in select areas where they want the tradtional dhimmi Jews to plunder every now and then, as well as to make themselves feel superior to.

NOTE: Pauliina Liukkonen is the go to girl for the event, puh. +358(0)50-502 0012 . This is how Finnish taxpayer money is being spent, demonizing the Jewish state.


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  1. Well we know that this man is as thick as two wooden planks. Don’t ever be fooled by academics with letters after their name. I have some but having said that I don’t ever kid myself that they qualify me to sprinkle fairy dust over people who are overly impressed by published books and qualifications.

    And how dare this man s. .t on his own doorstep.

    What a sorry state of affairs.

  2. Shir Hever and his ilk are paid by Pro-Palestinian organizations. Instead of building infrastructures for the Palestinian people they use their money to demonize Israel.

    1. Thank you IAM, your contribution is much appreciated. The more these shills for the Palestinians are exposed the better. If they were to grind their guns into powder to build schools, infrastructures for a normal society, the state of Israel wold be right there side by side helping them. Instead, they waste their time, people’s lives and funding, in trying to destroy the Jewish state. It’s a tragedy.

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