First, something has to be said about the political makeup of Swedish society in particular, and Scandinavia in general, that has lead to the present day situation which sees the region slowly suffocating every last bit of common sense and self preservation reflexes.

The problems afflicting the region as I see it, has more to do with the nanny statist leftist mindset, and their atrocious fiscal and social policies, than with Islam itself, the latter would never have been a factor in Scandinavian society if not for the former’s insistence. Why place blame just on the left you say? It’s because of socialist thought that has permeated ever sphere and political organ in Sweden/Scandinavian society, there really isn’t a conservative base to place any blame on, no true conservative party exists, it’s all just different shades of the same failed (and totalitarian) political philosophy.

Party members and politicians of these faux conservative parties will cry foul and vehemently deny that that’s the case, but they’re only fooling themselves, but hopefully not you. So yes, the left (in all of it’s different shades) or if you will, leftist policies, that are in fact to blame for the rise of Islam in the heartland of Scandinavia (and throughout Europe) and the problems that stem from those policies. They’re all self inflicted, like a gunshot to the brain.

NOTE: But there are signs of sanity popping up however, Lars Hedegaard explains.

Swedish Conditions, Or, Something is Rotten in the State of Sweden

(with apologies to William Shakespeare who got it wrong in Hamlet; Act I Scene 4)

by Lars Hedegaard, translated by Norman Berdichevsky (March 2012)

A preface by the translator, Dr. Norman Berdichevsky, author of An Introduction to Danish Culture.

Americans generally have an idyllic picture of the Scandinavian countries especially with regard to democratic institutions, human rights and civil liberties. Nevertheless, the debilitating effects of massive Muslim immigration and political correctness in Sweden have become increasingly apparent and raised considerable unease in nearby Denmark. An important consideration to bear in mind is that while Denmark is a member of NATO, Sweden has a long tradition of neutrality (that included close economic cooperation with Nazi Germany during the first few years of World War II). Sweden has distanced itself not only from the sentiments of Scandinavian cooperation, Western civilization, Judeo-Christian tradition respect for women and the fundamental rights of free speech and expression but is openly pandering to Islamist isolationist resistance to integration within Swedish society.

The following is a translation of Lars Hedegaard’s article in – organ of the Danish Free Speech Society – “Swedish Conditions” Feb. 3, 2012.

A climate prevails in Sweden that recalls the preliminary stage of totalitarianism according to Gunnar Sandelin who lost his job on account of his views.

The Swedish Spring

As reported in Sappho’s report a short time ago, we were a few guys from Denmark who drove over the bridge to Malmo on January 31 in order to take part in the newly begun Swedish Free Press Society’s first public meeting. Well, there is of course, public and public. As Jyllands-Posten’s correspondent remarked in his reporting on February 2nd, it was quite remarkable that 120 people had made their way to Ungdommens Hus, (The Young People’s House), since the meeting had not been advertised.

The police were similarly well prepared in sufficient number to prevent any disturbance. A travelling Norwegian had counted not less than 20 uniformed and armed policemen within the building and on the surrounding streets.

Into the picture arrived several gruff looking watchmen in civilian clothes who would protect the artist Lars Vilks, under threat of death.

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  1. In Sweden, they lack any conservative base that could potentially give these critics cover–magazines, TV shows, etc. This is what happens when the left gains total control. That may end, if economic conditions continue to deteriorate.

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