Anti-Islamization Belgium Filip Dewinter



Oh, and pay no attention to the Daily Mail’s usage of ‘far right’ and ‘extremist party’ bull crap, anyone who challenges the EU and multiculturalism and Islamization is automatically labelled with those slanderous monikers.

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NOTE: The VB is the rare political party in Europe that calls for limited government, lower taxes and equal distribution of political power within government (separation of powers), in comparison to the EU’s centralization of political power.

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  1. Do the moslims think they are the only ones who should be able to express their views? They must respect the rights of everyone or they should leave. I just hope this lovely young woman can hold on to her head, unlike dear Theo van Gogh.

    1. Yes. That is exactly what the koran and haddith teach.

      Only muslim men have a “free” voice. Muslim women are beneath them. “Protected” non-muslim men only have a few rights and are highly restricted in employment and education. Non-muslim women are as far down on the social scale as domestic animals. Even their own women can be exchanged for livestock.

  2. At least, someone has balls in Belgium. Way to go Vlaams!!!

  3. Bravo for Vlaams! Someone who isn’t afraid of radical Islam.

  4. “Islam makes very large claims for itself. In its art, there is a prejudice against representing the human form at all. The prohibition on picturing the prophet – who was only another male mammal – is apparently absolute. So is the prohibition on pork or alcohol or, in some Muslim societies, music or dancing. Very well then, let a good Muslim abstain rigorously from all these. But if he claims the right to make me abstain as well, he offers the clearest possible warning and proof of an aggressive intent.” –Christopher Hitchens

  5. Qur’an 4:89″They wish that you would reject Faith, as they have, and thus be on the same footing: Do not be friends with them until they leave their homes in Allah’s Cause. But if they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them.

    The Context of “Uthman’s Kooraan” is KILL THE Infidels, have FAITH in ONLY one religion Islam and so one verse alone can show the point. But frankly I’d be more then just a tad suspicious about a propheteer who claims that there was NO profeet of his “stoned-gawd” allah who did NOT recite the words of satan/shaitan.

    Or a profeet who claimed to have been in a none-existing JEWISCH temple in Jerusalem anytime after 632 AD could hardly be correct, or that “Alexander the Great” was a Muslim

    (Sure 18: 83 They ask thee concerning Zul-qarnain. Say, “I will rehearse to you something of his story.” 84 Verily We established his power on earth, and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends. 85: One (such) way he followed, 86: Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water: Near it he found a People: We said: “O Zul-qarnain! (thou hast authority,) either to punish them, or to treat them with kindness.”

    There are many ways to reject Islam and the behavior it causes in the Muslims, I choose the one to KNOW the writings of their faith, and use it to show the foolishness they are forced to hold as the “eternal” truth given for all time…

  6. Scratch previous comment … Vlaams is a brave man standing up to sharia law .. I fear for his and his daughters safety though .. Muslims don’t take well to kafirs telling them that sharia is wrong

  7. Religion has held us back for centuries-why are these disgusting animals allowed to draw breath? Islam is filth,based on a pack of lies perpetrated by homosexuals who are too scared to own up. All arab countries live in denial of their obvious hatred of women and practice of homosexuality.
    It is beyond evil to indoctrinate children with this filth, and the really sick part is that the old men in dresses who spout this garbage are a big fat fake. Drugs, prostitution, corruption are rife in islamic countries-why do they spout their holier than thou garbage?(Afghanistan is very proud of its dancing boys for the pleasure of the creepy men)
    Because they assume that like the tiny children they terrified in their madrassas,we all believe in some pathetic notion of gods.
    They should be outed as the misogynistic criminal frauds they really are. You want islamic law? Go to a place that has it and live like some filthy sack of stone age crap-and we’ll keep the first world technology and freedoms they so obviously cannot cope with.

  8. Muslim=Barbarian! Islam is a cult founded by a pedophile.

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