Egypt Islam 101



Islam is what it is and nothing more.

No matter how hard the apologizers try to deny or spin it, they just can’t keep the truth from getting out. The fundamentalist (back to basics) Muslims know what they’re talking about, they know that those who try to say otherwise about Islam, are just inventing stuff up as they go along. There is nothing moderate in Islam, no freedom to choose, no liberty whatsoever, just submission.

Anyone who says differently, is guilty of dismissing the factual truth of Islam, out of political expediency, or from gross ignorance. If Islam was nothing more than a tiny cult of followers they’d be all hunted down, shot and/or imprisoned. The only reason why people are  desperate to create another reality about Islam, is due to the sheer number of followers and states that identify themselves as Islamic.

H/T: A.Millar

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