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Having secured their dominance along the borders of Albania and Kosovo, the current main thrust of the Albanian ethno-religious encroachment has the country’s capital city as its primary objective. It is a littleknown fact that today’s Skopje is effectively as divided as Nicosia or Jerusalem. Once a city quarter becomes majority-Albanian, it is quickly emptied of its Slavic, non-Muslim population.

The time-tested technique is to construct a mosque in a mixed area, to broadcast prayer calls at full blast five times a day, and to create the visible and audible impression of dominance that intimidates non- Muslims (the locals call it “sonic cleansing”).

Macedonia – the new Kosovo?

By SRDJA TRIFKOVIC02/28/2012 23:51

Both demographically and politically, the republic has a precarious present and an uncertain future.

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  1. Le’t see, we helped the Muslims to take Kosovo, then we helped the Muslims get rid of half of the Christian population of Iraq, then we helped the MB to takeover Tunisia and Egypt, and we finance the jihad in Palestine against Israel and train their new army…err, police. Then we grovel about some stupid Korans being burned. We are a doomed civilization unless we find leaders who get it.

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