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  1. As a Dutchman I disagree Sharon.
    Let them have their say in an open debate and expose themselves
    for what they really are.
    Mentaly retarded idiots.

  2. @Copywriter
    This is the mistake that the west is making. This is the mistake that you and people in this video make. They are not Mentaly retarted idiots, radicals, extremists or terrorists. And if people will fail to realize that soon, they will realize that when the punishment for the conclusions will be death.
    These people are simply faithful muslims. Nothing more. They do as they are told.
    And all you need to do to realize that is to read the Quran, better yet also the Hadith.
    If you are lazy, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWUoAgVxXGc

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